JAY-Z ‘4:44’ Certified Platinum


…1 Million!


Hova’s still got the platinum touch. Today, JAY-Z received his 17th platinum plaque for his latest studio album, 4:44. Jay now has the most platinum albums than any other artist of his genre. First released exclusively to TIDAL and Sprint customers on June 30, the album will also be available to other music streaming platforms as well as retail stores (Best Buy) starting this Friday, July 7. Welcome back Carter, smile!

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  • LOLLL its selling platium 2 days before its out for sale .. 1,5 costmer from west … 500 000 dont bother see it and guess 200 000 see it 2 and HAHAH

    • Fidel Cash Flow

      STFU. At least 60% of Kanye fans are listening to Jay Z since Vol.3. Those 1.5 mil subscribers for sure were not because of Kanye. He went platinum in a month. You reaching to hard.

  • MyEraWasDope

    I’m waiting to read/see a Review that is as great as this Album. I seen the footnote video on Tidal about the “Story of O.J. And it was phenomenal. From the listener’s perspective, someone gotta document it. HOV fucked em up with this one.
    “And we merrily merrily eatin’ off these streams”

    • Bettywmccarthy

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Jay z is one of my favorite rappers but let’s be honest, i think them numbers are fake, sprint bought the album in advance. Hmmm certified platinum in 6 days for an album that was only available on Tidal for the 1st few days?

    • Gary Nicotine

      Oh by the way, G-Unit’s Young Buck was supposed to play 2pac on the All Eyez On Me movie.

  • Curbside

    great example on how record sale numbers can be manipulated

  • Mec-One

    Y’all holding them stacks up to ya’ ear, still don’t add up to these platinum plaques over here ……..



  • Frank Yoster

    biggsst bs ever…who actually bought this devil worshipper album?

  • yesssssssss

    lol this shit sounds horribly mastered. NO i.D. fucked up. Jay-z sounds echo-y throughout the whole project. I can ony listen to marcy me and the rest just screams at me to turn it off while it is playing. Not the best effort.

    Plus Jay-z on some bullshit. Some petty nonsense thinking that he needs to bring up how much money he has made to compete with the likes of lil yachty/migos and so on. It is dumb of him to lower himself to their level with their type of lines. Even if they are smarter and more fleshed out it is still just bragging about money and it is so boring and played in 2017.

    Leave that to the autotune folk and the 14 year old white girls who buy it, jay-z. This album is full of cringe

  • Dark Knight

    Sprint has to have purchased at least 500,000 copies. Tidal doesn’t have the numbers for him to go platinum in a week