Rick Ross On The Breakfast Club


I Think She Like Me

Rick Ross is a business, man. This morning, the Bawse brought his corporate savviness to The Breakfast Club. He spoke on new projects, Wing Stop, new VH1 series, Signed, ghostwriting, female rappers, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill’s new project and much more.

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    William Roberts interviews are always funny to watch

  • Officer Ricky

    I need the interview version without pig ross

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Rick Ross stays in character. It’s crazy how he’s thinks he’s a dope dealer so bad it’s stuck in his head..

    • Officer Ricky

      Thats what actors do in movies for the role they playing; stay in character.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        lol that fat motherfucker lame.


    Meek Mill out here praising 50 cent talking bout how real he is in his new interview. Trick Daddy banned him from Miami and Officer Ricky can’t do shit

  • Gary Tobacco

    When Meek was expending his love for Godfather 50 he straight up said “UNFORTUNATELY Rick Ross was the person who put me on”… Officer Ricky’s own artists respect 50 more than their own boss LMAO