Irv Gotti Presents Ep 1. ‘Tales Tuesdays’


Murda Inc

Today, Murder Inc. and Irv Gotti kick off the new online installment, TALES Tuesdays. The first video from TALES is Murda Inc. founder, Irv Gotti sharing the experience of his father losing his job and how that started Irv Gotti’s career in the music industry.Each week, TALES Tuesdays will release either another animated episode of Irv Gotti or video interviews introducing Murder Inc.’s new roster, Sir Preme, Boogiie Byrd, and Fitted Circle.

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  • Officer Ricky


  • el jim chapo guzman

    I guess irv didn’t learn the first time 50 is gonna kill him, 50 cent relentless if he say he gonna destroy you he ain’t gonna let up

    • Room 222

      The Donkey promised to destroy Rick Ross in 2009, and we all know that didn’t happen.

      If anything, ‘Mafia Music’ destroyed Curtis. How ironic!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        50 got hit TV shows and hit records 50 is in a way better position than that fat boy

        • GAYDAR

          that boy really got a crush on you… he stalking all ya comments from days ago typing Donkey over and over…

  • RapFAN

    Super Super Dope

    • You peep his show Tales on b.e.t??

      • RapFAN

        No I haven’t.

        • Check it its pretty good.