Macklemore ‘GEMINI’ Cover & Tracklist


Return Of The Mack.

Gemini. And his name is Ben Haggerty. Posted in front of one of his many vintage toys, Macklemore unveils the artwork and titles for his solo set, GEMINI. The album drops September 22, but the pre-order is available now.

1.”Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight” Feat. Eric Nally
2.”Glorious” Feat. Skylar Grey
3.”Marmalade” Feat. Lil Yachty
4.”Willy Wonka” Feat. Offset
5.”Intentions” Feat. Dan Caplen
6.”Good Old Days” Feat. Kesha
7.”Levitate” Feat. Otieno Terry
8.”Firebreather” Feat. Reignwolf
9.”How to Play the Flute” Feat. King Draino
10.”Ten Million”
11.”Over It” Feat. Donna Missal
12.”Zara” Feat. Abir
13.”Corner Store” Feat. Dave B & Travis Thompson
14.”Miracle” Feat. Dan Caplen
15.”Church” Feat. Xperience
16.”Excavate” Feat. Saint Claire

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    • Epul

      Who cares? Nobody listens to this shit

  • Marvelous

    This clown still makes music?

  • Cali_slim17

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  • Frank Kennedy

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