New Album: Troy Ave “Album Of The Summer”

all of the summer

Dope Boy Summer

Summer is almost over and Troy Ave plans to close out the season with a bang. Here’s his latest effort, standing at 11 tracks. Stream below and order it here.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Troy ave drops bangers this album will Definitely get some spins in my whip

    • Black Power… Ranger

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      • el jim chapo guzman

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        • Black Power… Ranger

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      • Da_trutthhh

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        • Black Power… Ranger

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    • Black Power… Ranger

      hows troy asshole taste?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        taste like that chicken wing you just eat

        • Black Power… Ranger

          knew u was a troy ass licker

  • Officer Ricky


  • Manny Strong


    • Jean Lambert


  • 7 Situations

    Free tax #gangxgang

  • Pharrell Coldchain

    Nigga, album of what summer?
    This nigga Troy is pitiful.
    First nigga to buss his gun on camera and don’t nobody give a fuck about it.
    Permanent lame nigga. This niggga ain’t never gonna sell 5 figures+ first week.
    #FreeTax #ShoutsHovain #ShoutsLito

  • NYComicBookGuy