• el jim chapo guzman

    Absolutely horrible

  • Officer Ricky


    • enneedof mafuccn

      why do u hate urself so?

      • Officer Ricky

        Yo doofus, what does me calling something garbage have to do with me “hating myself”?

        • enneedof mafuccn

          “Officer Ricky”(Rick Ross)…. Talib featuring RICK ROSS AKA OFFICER RICKY!!!! 1+1= nigga you rick ross!!!!

  • Room 222

    You already know that the boss always delivers over these soulful instrumentals.

    This joint is no exception, and Ross makes his childhood struggles sound like ancient lore with some powerful storytelling prowess.


      What childhood struggles? Obesity? Virginity? LOL Titty man grew up in ROLLING OAKES ESTATES playin highs Choo and college football.

  • enneedof mafuccn

    Been a Yummy Bingham fan since De La Soul Grind Date LP