New Music: Farruko, Bad Bunny & Rvssian Ft. Nicki Minaj & 21 Savage “Krippy Kush (Remix)”

krippy kush remix

Ain’t On My Throne

Latin artist Farruko re-ups his hit with two new additions. On the remix, Nicki Minaj gets her espanol on showing her admiration for smoke and warns her fellow female peers. Meanwhile, 21 Savage stunts hard and gets his kush on as well.

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  • WillEyeAm888

    Shit goes kinda hard cant front.

  • yaaaa

    It must have a hot beat, and this remix is savage and minaj trying to hold on to their major selling years in the rap industry they have left.

    Fuck rappers from this point on, thy all just vultures, none can come up with anything original anymore.

    Go keep ruining the genre savage and your co horts. fuck this shit.

    Fuck minaj and savage claiming to jump on a song to make it hotter, but really jst want to be known as the people who came up with the song, instead of the creators.

    Fucking gross, dont promote this shit rapradar, this is people clinging to anything they may have left. grosssssssss

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Nicki minaj is just too diverse for these bitches that’s why she’s the queen hiphop and remy will always hate..

  • Officer Ricky

    Nicki started smoking weed at 35. Let that sink in how corny this bitch is.

    • Misfit Pain

      Fuck you…you fake bitch ass nigga…you be trolling everywhere….50 smashed you…bitch..

      • Officer Ricky

        You mad

        • Misfit Pain

          Go choke on a donut …you fat rat donkey…

          • Officer Ricky

            Yeah, you mad

  • Misfit Pain

    Regatone is gay..

  • Bad Bunny be spitting that hard spanish shit…….