New Music: N.E.R.D Ft. Kendrick Lamar “Don’t Don’t Do It”

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Better Duckworth Fast

N.E.R.D puts up a fight on one of the two new records with Kendrick Lamar. Inspired by the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by North Carolina police, Pharrell shouts out Scott’s wife’s repetitive “Don’t Do It” from her camera footage, while K.Dot laces the track with a definitive verse. No_One Ever Really Dies drops this Friday.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    What happened to scott isnt murder. The criminal refuse orders to drop the weapon. He was shot. A consequence of refusing to follow orders. You have alot of options to engage suspects. Not very many when they are armed. The cops that shoot are being judge, jury and executioner, they shooting to protect their lives and possibly the lives of other people. If a person attacks you and you kill them, are you acting as their judge, jury and executioner, or are you just trying to protect yourself.

  • yaaaaaaaaaa

    Dude rapradar, I don’t know what the fuck has happened to your website, but if you click that link for the song it goes on for 7 minutes, and they are still talking, I stopped it because who the fuck cares? Why bait a post with a song to only have it be some fucktard apple sponsored plus 15 minute thing?

    Fuck you for subjecting me to this shit. I just want the music.

    Fucks sake. I almost logged into my real account to post this. Fuck