New Music: Big Body Bes “Homicide”

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God’s Favorite

Big Body Bes is handing out body bags on his new record. In preparation of his debut Body Language, Bes plotting on bloodshed with his first offering produced by The Alchemist.

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    A whole album of this trash? Fuck outta here. Stop wasting beats.

    • Christi

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  • Epul

    I thought he was about to spit

    • Susan

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  • Officer Ricky

    A waste of an Alchemist beat. Straight garbage.

  • Curbside

    get this bullshit outta here

  • el jim chapo guzman

    all ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smh I coulda spit a hot 16 too this, Funk Flex would drops bombs too it and yall would be hating….

  • Ocho

    Ayo…. If I get a whole mixtape / album of shit talking… it goes down as a instant classic … I always wanted one of those from Cam lol