JAY-Z On CNN’s Van Jones Show

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Politics As Usual

Van Jones kicked off his new show on CNN with JAY-Z this evening. In their chat, he spoke on mending marriage, fatherhood, racism and Superbug, Donald Trump.


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  • The Gary Group

    Jay said fuck a pick or a comb. Guess old age done got this nigga getting his Basquiat on finna grow dreads now

    • Virginia

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    What makes JAY Z relevant? Any fool an name call. Even a 3 year old.


      You never cease to stop showing the world how much of a BROKE STUPID ASS HATER YOU are!!!! Since you can barely read or spell ask someone at the library to read you the definition of relevant (Jay-Z) then ask them to read the definition of Irrelevant (You)!

      • el jim chapo guzman

        We gotta stop breeding and rewrite history, this world is so fucked up from people like you. Not meaning gay just stupid people like you mogul.

  • NIKE in sweden=QWEER

    show my you hands … you have no wroking hands .-..you sacam oothers

  • Edna P. McIntosh

    I don’t think so. Is it Rap Rader ?

    • Katherine

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  • NIKE in sweden=QWEER

    keep attacking bitches OR°DER from the top i.e hillary