• The Haters Advocate




  • Officer Ricky

    Wack rapper alert

    • Da_trutthhh

      Any who sucking dick for Tax Stone is a bitch. Nigga killed his best friend in front of him and shot troy, troy took the gun from the nigga. Nigga clap you up close just call it a rap. Niggas like you talk about what they would of did ,but niggas like you fold.

      • Officer Ricky

        You talk too much, snitch nigga

        • Da_trutthhh

          Nigga, you on every post, every comment is negative. Know the facts before you speak. Fuck Tax Stone, nigga was talking about sucking dick with char Da god on apod cast and then wants to act hard in the club fuck out of here. you on here everyday faithfully commenting talking mad negative. Knowing dam well you not like that off the keyboard.

          • Officer Ricky

            Nigga fuck tax and fuck you, bird ass nigga. Keep singing.

          • Da_trutthhh


  • el jim chapo guzman

    troy ave cut them niggas off now they ain’t shit #younglito

    • Pamela

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  • L

    This rat taking the stand

  • Jay

    Don’t even know what was said on the stand and Nikkas quick to judge without knowing it’s a shame..he could of bin on the stand and not snitching