New Music: Joey Bada$$ “Thug Cryz”

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Why Do We Shoot At Each Other?

Joey Bada$$ just wants to be free. Borrowing the famous chorus from the late Prince’s “When Doves Cry”, Badmon vents on the issues of senseless violence and ongoing racism in America on his new release.

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  • Officer Ricky


    • Bulah

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Wack as fuck.

  • yuuuuup

    I dont know but thank god some blakc people are askng this again. 2pac used to be changing things by asking people to think about how they treat one another, especially of the same race. Now racial groups preach gimme ours, fuck, for fucks sake pac pseudo praise donald trump in a 1994 interview for about 30 seconds. not sarcastically but more putting down how he got where we was but because of where he got where he was he had real power.

    but hey, black lives matter and antifa get way more publicity fornews outlets so their fucked up positions on EVERYTHING are put to the fore front.