Side Hustle: Nipsey Hussle


Hussle Hard

If it’s one thing that Nipsey Hussle knows, it’s hustling. In TIDAL’s latest episode of Side Hussle, Nipsey discusses his businesses, Marathon clothing, lessons learned and more. Bet on yourself.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    uneducated black folks who listen these guy speak, feel obligated to listen to like Malcolm X or Michael Eric Dyson just to cancel out their ebonics, lol.

    • Officer Ricky

      What you got against Nipsey?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        nothing I just don’t like that nigga

        • Estrella Trevino

          words spoken from a true bitter ese that uses the word nigga but has the audacity to say “uneducated black folks who use Ebonics”.. bet u boop ya head to tupac and say nigga in the verses like your ass is a nigga bet that…poor lil tink tink hopefully one day youll get it …talk shit about malcom x but have el chapo in your name fucken ass backwards clown ass hypocrite . What you should see and feel is nipsey music is a true relation to what we go thru everyday as minorities (fuck the color) i have 3 prison terms under my belt my dude and i refuse to be a statistic but then you got muthafuckas like u that watch BET or that fake UNIVISION novela shit and think your bout that life cause u memorize a verse or think you hard cause a bitch said u was cute . GTFOH #getit2getherholmes

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Case closed you’re a statistic, you’ve been in prison 3 times you can’t vote you have rights Criminals like you should not be allowed to vote since their judgment is obviously impaired. Voting is a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.
            …. and criminals just opt for the easiest most profitable way out of their own demise

          • Estrella Trevino

            Sorry boo boo I can vote been out since 2010 but who tf vote for these clowns …in the process of owning my home own my vehicle and have a AA in behavioral science and BA in psychology. Being street smart and book smart is a muthafucka #getyourbarsup #statisticthat

  • DeeDee

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    • Daniel

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