New Video: Freddie Foxx & Nottz “Grumpy Ol’ Man”

grumpy ol man

Media & Foxx

Freddie Foxx and Nottz have a joint project, Pop Duke arriving in the near future. For their first single, the video displays the end result when a blogger tracks down Bumpy Knuckles for a sit-down. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Grumpy ol man got bars

  • Curbside

    Bumpy Knuckles!

    • Agnes

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  • Juan from the East Side.

    good to see homie still putting out new music…this shit go HARD. But he always been ill….. always Bump! Kill it young OG..

  • Damon Jaafar

    Hell yeah, Double F still here