New Music: New Music: KXNG Crooked “Kane Street”

kane street

Kane’s Way

Strolling down Kane Street, KXNG Crooked salutes Big Daddy Kane with his ode to the legendary MC. Off of Smith and Hay’s The Hoodlum Ballalbum dropping April 20.

“Kane Street” is inspired by hip-hop icon Big Daddy Kane’s classic single “Smooth Operator” and it feels like it’s 1989 all over again. Kxng Crooked and Jonathan Hay team up with Toon, The Visionary & The Architect, DJ Manipulator & Louie Gonz, SitoCrazy, Mani Ajami, Mike Smith, Ranna Royce, King Graint and Benny Reid for this catchy tune.

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  • Mr.Righteous

    I like the Ny feel

    • Samantha Stuckey

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Hook is meh. Beat is solid. Crook went in