Kanye Announces Nas Album Release Date

kanye nas

Nas Album Done?

DJ Khaled confirmed it back 2016 and we may possibly finally see it in less than two months. Still tweeting up a storm on his Twitter handle last night, Kanye West gave June 15 the release date of Nas’ 11th studio album. West also mention that he’s overseeing the production of the LP. This will be the first album from Nas since his 2012’s Life Is Good.

In a similar series of tweets just days prior, Kanye revealed other release dates including his very own 7-track project on June 1, his joint project with KiD CuDi, Kids See Ghosts on June 8, Pusha T on May 25 and Teyana Taylor on June 22. As of now, no word yet if these dates are official or if they are simply single releases. Regardless, lets hope these dates stick.


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  • Officer Ricky

    Kanye off his meds again

    • Epul

      Usually that’s a good thing..

      • Officer Ricky

        Is it a good thing this time around?

        • Epul

          He went completely crazy and gave us My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy & 808’s and Heartbreaks

    • Ian Bee

      Maybe he’s back on them now?? I guess we’ll never know.. :O

  • RapFAN


  • el jim chapo guzman

    holy shit Kanye, Drake and Nas dropping in the same month June is about to be a historical month for hip hop.

  • ThaRealHater

    FINALLY!!! Now all the Nas stans can have some kind of argument in which he can be considered a great emcee now that he has some sort of relevant shit happening to him.

  • TRUHEnutjobb

    I dont OWN you any thing