Kanye West Freestyles For TMZ


Kanye Loves Trump

Kanye’s currently in album mode and he’s also still letting the Twitter fingers do the talking. After announcingseries of albums last week, Ye gave TMZ’s Harvey Levin a sneak peak yesterday with a new rhyme. No word yet if what is previewed above will be featured in the album, but TMZ reports the projects announced will contain 7 tracks each.

In other news, Yeezy has ruffled a few feathers from anti-Trump supporters following the series of tweets below. Kanye endorsed the POTUS and also discredited former president Barack Obama’s contribution to Chicago. Soon after, Donald responded with gratitude. Kanye West does not care about your opinions.


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  • iLexx

    Fuck Kanye West.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Obama was in office for eight years and nothing change in Chicago, lol lol duh Obama was the worst president America ever had.

    • Jimmy

      Racist!!!!! What’s your fuck boy done??????

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Not racist you just ignoring the fact that obama was a fucked up president, he has done nothing for the blacks.

        • Room 222

          What have you done for your home country Haiti?

          • el jim chapo guzman




  • Officer Ricky

    I don’t give a fuck about this clown’s antics. I do not find it amusing whatsoever.

  • Thato

    what’s wrong with that old face thanking Kanye..Dog face… MAN!!!

  • Thato

    How do i Download… it!!!

  • Thato

    Get the track here Download Mp3

  • Gadzilla
  • Scromes1212

    Don’t understand the hip hop communities hate for Ye smh this dude never rapped about dope or negative things in the community. He came in the game saying Jesus walks just trying to be positive. He never committed a crime or hurt people or sold dope smh but hip hop will praise every one else and down Ye. Hov’s brother can forgive him for shooting him but he can’t forgive Ye for saying some slick sh*t on stage. Hip hop can forgive Snoop for chasing down a man and his passenger shooting him in the back(then argue he had a imaginary pistol smh), but turn on Ye cause he decided to embrace the other side. He takes care of his family and tries to stay positive and this the love he get smh

    • Dope

      Nobody hated Kanye when he was making Jesus Walks, or basically anything from him back on his first three albums. People started hating on him when he started thinking he’s the greatest thing to ever walk on Earth and started acting like a complete a**hole and his rants came before his music.

      This is entertainment, he is an entertainer. All he needs to do is make good entertainment (music in his case) and he’ll be loved once again.

      • Scromes1212

        He is a entertainer to you. He sees himself as a artist and a innovator. He shouldn’t be regulated to entertainment.

  • quetzalstar

    u know why ngz dont comment on rap radar anymore? most ngz found out they was dkriders tryna manipulate their place in the art form. foh. ur blogs get no comments, you should be thankful i left 1