Meek Mill Dreams & Nighmares On Nighty News

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Meek Free

As part of an upcoming Dateline NBC special, Meek Mill returned to Nightly News for his first interview since his release from prison yesterday. In this portion of their interview, the rapper discusses culture shock post-prison and his initiative on helping others regarding criminal justice reform.

UPDATE: Watch the full story here.

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  • Officer Ricky

    If he ain’t do over a year, it wasn’t prison. You can’t be released from prison on bail. Only jail.

    • Michael Ib bett

      Yeah. You can.
      If you win appeal and get another trial you get another bail hearing.
      Also, 2pac was out on bail from State prison.

      • Officer Ricky

        Those are extremely rare cases. You go to prison to serve out your sentence and the Point was meek ain’t do no prison time.

        • Michael Ib bett

          It’s really not. PCR. Post conviction relief. Falls under habeas corpus, pretty much.

          And he was sentenced with a 2 to 4, state. He got out because of this “extremely rare case”
          If you wanna change it to… “dat ain’t no real time” fine. But that’s not what you said and noone Is even saying he did a stretch.

          • Officer Ricky

            You Meeks lawyer or something?

        • RickyUnos

          people get bailed of sentencing appeals all the time. its actually quite common as long as the appeal is granted and a new trial date unless the D.A decides not to try the case again. And in Meeks the conviction will more than likely be overturned especially with all the publicity his case has gotten

  • Helping Others LOL

    Did they ask him about his goons assaulting Quentin Miller, Beanie Sigel, Safaree, etc…

    • Scromes1212


  • el jim chapo guzman

    Meek Mill, a political prisoner he bout to break all streaming records, the liberals have used him as a Catalist against the police.

  • Cuzzo

    Make a difference, Meek. Make a difference… And quit the political prisoner, crap. You were a FREE man out here acting a goddamn fool! Them people wasn’t following you (if they were they would’ve nabbed ya ass when you set the Goons on Safaree bitch-ass in LA), YOU brought that attention upon ya self wildin’ an posting that shit on the gram. I NEVER want to see any blackman locked away, on some dumb shit. But its PLENTY of brothers who are behind bars, who CAN[T call Hov or whoever to help get them free…but DESERVE another shot. Do better, Meek, do better.

  • They thought they’ve done their worst, hell no! This is the beginning. Rise up man! I’m with you Meek Mill.