New Video: Anderson .Paak “Bubblin”

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Look At Me Baby

Anderson .Paak is bubblin for his return. Produced by Jahlil Beats and AntMan Wonder, the L.A. crooner is dripping with finesse and a whole lot of money in his new video. New album coming soon.

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  • el jim chapo guzman

    at least Anderson Paak keepin it original

  • Curbside


  • centLIllprincessWorldTOUR

    you thee one bugging … naging about some snowbards whana kiss on me in a halfpipe

    • centLIllprincessWorldTOUR

      i dont exaklty made song STALKING you

  • centLIllprincessWorldTOUR

    lin sexy ass hell i assume you make belive .. what STERIODS get you bizzeps .. keke will dicth and smachh you with you bizepis … HAAHAHA you bugging stalking liek a PSYCKO

  • centLIllprincessWorldTOUR

    DAm stalke level 20000

  • centLIllprincessWorldTOUR

    low class hores act like that .. i assume YO bugging say you got that here dummy

  • centLIllprincessWorldTOUR

    HE STALKED NAGGED about andersson snowbards BURN TRillionss connect soem dude onn some snowbards then he buged WITHH a ALL OUT WAR …

  • centLIllprincessWorldTOUR

    binding evdecne some NI just fuck some white … butch dont mather how ugky dont mather

  • Jeff Smith

    Y’all illiterate fukboyz are too stupid to rewind and see duke just bodied drizzy. This shit is savage

  • Hakan Aksu

    Download mp3 link Anderson .Paak – Bubblin

  • Jeff Smith

    I didn’t even know duke was savage like that Bubbling’ complete fire…bullets flying everywhere. Scene wearing sandles and robe 👑 Champagne artwork even lol…If u know u know…fucking drizzy’s mom at rhe Marriott is 🐐 level. Yo second verse mocking Free Smoke w wanting hot sauce, the money machines, and the Lord Knows reference. 🔥🔥🔥

    Joint was super strong…this video is classic

  • Feel like dude trynna sound like Kendrick too much…….