New Music: Drake “Duppy Freestyle”

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The Nerve

According to Drake, Pusha T’s demise will be televised. Following the jab from Pusha T’s “Infrared“, Drizzy fires back at King Push and throws Kanye into the mix. Over haunting horns, Drake addresses his alleged use of a ghostwriter, his lent services to Ye, and questions Push’s past drug dealings. Invoice included.

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  • Hbt


    • Iceberg

      Umm….no he didn’t. This sensitive shit isn’t hard. He had to talk about Kanye for 2/3 of the song because he doesn’t have much for Push. This won’t be a victory for Aubrey.

      • The Ripper

        Like Pusha but you really need to calm down because Pusha is really like a decent rapper. Dude has no substance in his music. Dude think he’s drug kingpin. smh

        • Christina B. Zhang

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  • Scromes1212

    This is a problem smh dam Push the boy said your wife name. I hope you locked and loaded.

  • chitlin coon

    only 2 comments?? i came on here thinking it would be deep lol…i been away from RR too long…what happened??

    • zino

      The same thing that happened to XXL magazine, Elliott ruined it with his biased and dick riding ways.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    drakes hurt

    • Iceberg

      Yes, dude fucked up this time. I’m certain that Push is really about roast Drizzy and force the OVO sweatshop to work overtime for the Memorial Day holiday

      • The Ripper

        Pusha will not do anything…

  • Iceberg

    If anyone actually sits here and fronts like Drake bodied someone with this, they might be sniffing the “nose candy” that King Push speaks of. This will not end well for Drake/Aubrey/Wheelchair Jimmy.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    All the drake stans are proclaiming it over because they know drake aint built like push. Drake lost the first round. This track was weak AF.

    • Iceberg

      You are one of the few with some sense on here

  • Flash uno may 29th

    Drake killed him, just like he did with meek.

    • Iceberg

      Drake didn’t kill anyone. Stop being so overly dramatic. When the respires arrives from Push over a Ye track, the cock riders will switch sides faster than a hooker on 3rd St that spotted the Po Po.

      • Iceberg

        Correction :When the response arrives…

  • chitlin coon

    push about to eat drakes free lunch…..but im not about to lie and say this track was weak..

  • quetzalstar

    rap radar use to get mad comments. now its shitty cuz of and elliots dickriding. be grateful i gave u 1 comment

  • quetzalstar

    name a song that pusha put out by himself that lasted longer than 2 weeks….i’ll wait

  • 工內三下三L_MCMLXXI™

    Them shots my NI**@ Drake shootin at PUSH nawwwwww famm them shots aint hittin you gotta come wayyyyy HARDER than that …..come’on SON!!!!!!