New Music: Pusha T “The Story of Adidon”

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Pusha T’s begins his surgical summer. In retaliation to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle“, King Push counters back with a scathing diss. Flipping Jay’s track, Push throws Drake’s parents into the mix, his biracial background, producer Noah “40” Shebib’s illness and Drake’s alleged child by a porn star. Damn.

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  • Not Impressed

    Corny ass beef this nigga literally started over nothing… Zzzzzz


      Sorry your upset little boy, but being a real Hip Hop King isn’t about who sells the most records. Hip Hop at it’s core is about lyrical skills & your hero is 1/2 man 1/2 Puppet!!!!

      • Not Impressed

        I don’t even like Drake. If it’s about lyrics why didn’t Pusha TEA go at a real MC? That butthurt nigga been trying to beef with Drake for like 8 years… OVER NOTHING.. literally no reason to go at him but jealousy


          Do your research. Pusha – T has absolutely nothing to be jealous of Drake for. Here’s a quick VITAL lesson in Hip Hop. If you Rap & make good songs that’s fine. When you rap & constantly take little jabs & swipes at other’s claiming to be the best you better NOT have ghost writer’s because then YOUR Talent is really YOURS!!!

  • Ian

    Ohhhhhhhhh shittttttttttt. Push just bodied this niggahhhhh…. god damnit this is hot fiyahhh … phew

  • Sss

    Now this is a real record … Push ain’t just gon sit down like meek. This shit hard

  • Trey

    Damn. He got personal. Love it 🔥

  • Bombay

    Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love em

    • Siz

      Don’t b mad my bro. Even drake takes an L every now and then


      ^Another millennial who thinks because Drake sells the most records he’s the King. You’ll learn. MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice once outsold LL, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-1 etc. & have you ever heard either of their names mentioned as some of the GOAT’s?

  • Scromes1212

    Ok Push. You had me sacred for a minute.



    • Officer Ricky

      Now it’s time to switch sides and hop on Pusha’s dick. We all know your M.O., dickrider.

  • uNFair

    The real ether is the fact that the cover art is a real picture. That needs to be addressed more than anything in the bars…

    • bizi

      Preach. He 100% needs to explain this bullshit. Personally I don’t ever want to hear him come close to saying nigga again.

    • LP1087

      Facts, always felt he solely the reason other races throw the N word round frivolously

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Drake gotta walk away, or risk getting buried. Stop thinking the companies that support you spending money to make it look like you won a beef will always work.

  • Marvelous

    How this only get 13 comments? RapRadar used to be the spot back in the day.

    • Officer Ricky

      Elliott Wilson ruined this site with his bias dickriding. Just like he did XXL.


        How Ironic. If this site is so “ruined” why is your fat ass & your boyfriend el jim chapo guzman aka The Hating Haitian Homo Hobo from Harlem on here EVERY SINGLE DAY?!?!?

        • Officer Ricky

          To harass your bitch ass, Elliott.

  • Fuck yo opinion

    Drake As Black Face OVO House Nigga Sound! King Pushhhhhhhh Ethered This Clown! The Photo Is More Than Words Can

  • BK The Great

    y’all wishing death on another person that shit will come back to that person in karma.

    • Officer Ricky


  • really doe

    Ricky Ross got a kid with an hooker/ porno slut and no one cares about that,,,,

  • Gary Nicotine

    … You’re talking about you’re upset (laughs) Well, I wanna see what’s like when you get angry, ok? You show me that… Witty and disrespectful outro.