New Music: Young Scooter Ft. Rick Ross & T.I. “Jugg King (Remix)”

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3 Kings

When it comes to jugging, Young Scooter wears his crown. Now with Rozay and T.I. on board, the Black Migo shares the throne with the remix to his Jugg King track. Keep doing what you can.

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    who remembers when this bitch ass fraud had the nerve to diss T.I… surprised T.I. ever forgave this lying ass correctional officer who pooped his pants for that sucka shit he tried to pull. dissing niggas he dont even know for attention, that aint boss.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      This nigga don’t be in no hood in Miami. Trust me my homie from Miami, born in raised in Liberty City. The only time this nigga is in any hood down there is when his shooting a video and the police is with him. And yes this nigga was a C.O. Carol City niggas don’t even respect this nigga..

  • el jim chapo guzman

    t.i would really shit on ross glad its over cause t.i would end his career like he did lil flip