6ix9ine Arrested & Released In Texas


Choked Up

It looks like 6ix9ine will be behind bars longer than he expected. Yesterday (July 12), a Manhattan judge denied his request for bail after he was arrested Wednesday morning at JFK airport for an outstanding warrant in Texas. The warrant stems from a missed court appearance for an assault charge back in January for allegedly choking a 16 year-old fan at Galleria Mall in Houston.

Tekashi69 has a history in the headlines. In addition to his controversial beefs, the Brooklyn rapper was charged in May for assaulting a police officer and driving without a license. In 2015, the “Gummo” rapper took a plea deal for sexual misconduct of a minor.

Source: Page Six

UPDATE: 6ix was transferred and held at Riker’s Island over the weekend. This morning (July 16), he flew to Texas and surrendered to Harris County authorities. He has since been released on a $5,000 bail and is facing up to one year in jail.

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