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Updated November 11, 2013
  • DG

    Khaled’s trash is better than Yeezus and Born Sinner??? Just cuz he is ur boy YN doesn’t mean you gotta lie and say that shit is good. You putting that album above Kanye & Cole is as fucked as when your good friend Benzino gave Made Men 4.5 Mics

  • Word

    I still dont get these charts. Is this for the past month? The whole year? Whay? Because, Khaleds album is NOT better than Born Sinner, Hall of Fame, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, The Gifted, or shit, even Self Made 3 was better. Knock it off.

  • t

    The MM2 is the first album I ever liked for lyrics and flow. I’m usually into the beats/music…. but that white boy KILLED that shit

  • Bigreek Ray

    drake shoould of been number 1

  • Sam i am
  • BleeK


  • jack vote 4 J.Nolan

  • brixton


  • newflynation
    dope song worth a listen newflyg feat tabi booney

  • RN

    Yall should take this stupid chart shit down. Your opinions are dumb and your just making your site lose credibility.