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Updated October 10, 2013
  • slayer

    Elliott Wilson is the biggest cocksucker in Hip Hop. He makes this faggot ass Drake more than he is. Plus he’s on Jay Z payroll, he’s job title is personal nut hugger.

  • ayomiku22

    wack album

    • Kev Od

      like ur pic

      • ayomiku22

        thank you

    • cain45

      your wack


  • hater

    rap rader might as well be called suck drakes radar

    • Darryl Drain

      Drizzy copping radar guns with his money now?

    • Kev Od

      stop being a hater … can u do better??? stop making fake account just to hate on someone ….#fakehaters

      • nigga

        drake had R&b songs on his album how the fuk is dat hip hop someone explain this to me

  • I can’t agree more with this line up. Love the way you guys are pushing the culture. (digitally it’s looking well + you out there) 1luv

  • Drake does have the best album at the moment, Pusha T’s may be more lyrical but the beats on Drakes album are far better in my opinion.

    It’s fashionable to hate on Drake, people need to stop jumping on that bandwagon.

    • Da Business

      I agree w/ u for the most part, but u’re wrong about the production. Push’s beat selection is bananas!!!

  • Sati

    Drake has the best album of this year. I feel like next year I will still be jamming to his album.

    • tlox

      Come Thru on my playlist for barbecue season next summer

  • M25

    1. Born Sinner 2. MNIMN 3. Magna Carta Holy Grail 4. Wolf 5.Nothing Was The Same

    • tlox


    • Jinx

      TOP 5 AGREED!!!

    • mrcorleone4

      Wolf is dope good shit

  • Matinykno

    PushaT allday
    MNIMN #1

  • ericjason

    who da fck iz danny brown?


    Drake’s album was boring, MNIMN falls off after the half way point, Magna Carta Holy Grail was a forgettable record. Yeezus and Old are solid contenders, but the year is not over yet Oxymoron might still come out…

  • GrammarLessons

    Yeezus is awful imo.

    • GodDyhu Harrison

      You probably thought Born Sinner was better than Yeezus as well

      • Jbakex

        and you’re saying its not?

        • GodDyhu Harrison


  • MIKE

    This drake album is more overrated than GKMC and Kendrick’s album was great. When I 1st heard Drake album it was good but a week or so later I got tired of it and it bored me out and the lyrics are not as great as people make it out to be. Born Sinner and MNIMN all day, MCHG got a couple of great songs but it’s not consistent. I like Born Sinner the best not only for the content but because it’s so relatable.

    • Fresh45

      Born Sinner was the most boring and overly hyped album to come out this year. Cole is a very good rapper but a very boring artist. His first 2 albums have been nothing but snooze fest.

      • It’s Just Music


        • Fresh45

          I was excited to listen to it,because I’m a Cole fan and everybody was saying how good it was; how much better than it was than Yeezus,(which it wasn’t at all). Then I heard it and couldn’t believe this was the same album everyone was hyping up. Cole’s problem is that he puts really good subject matter on the most boring beat he can make.

          • Da Business

            I fux w/ Cole HEAVY, but I feel u. He needs to put his pride aside and use he’s resources. U don’t have to produce ur whole lp. Born Sinner was good, but could’ve been gr8 w/ better beats.

      • carl grimes

        shut up. album of the year.

  • OP

    My Name Is My Name def deserves that top spot.. drake had a few good songs but Push had them BARS

  • Born Sinner >> MCHG, Yeezus, OLD..
    I thinks is better than NWTS and MNIMN too


    Should Yeezus still be up there? Why is Pusha t not number 1?

    • Jbakex

      because its trash

  • q

    no indicud? traplord? ell is a bias ass ego trippin nigga loosen up im omw

  • runwititconcepts

    The album is dope. It’s natural for Scorpio niggas to get hated on anyway. But check our resume, we the realest. Real lyrics, melodies, and moods. That’s what makes a good album. It’s a hard pill to swallow that Drake ‘currently’ has the crown, but try water, ya rap bastards!

  • Maestrosik

    So Born Sinner is not even in the Top 5 anymore???…. Crazy!

  • Maestrosik

    I just don’t get how you have Born Sinner as #3 on the last chart then you don’t have it up at all on this one YET you have Yezzus????

  • Whi12

    how is born sinner not in the top 5?

  • GodDyhu Harrison

    Yeezus is still running strong at the 4 spot because it is a fantastic album! Non-traditional not for the easy listeners and it damn sure ain’t no hood shit! STRAIGHT SOPHISTICATED IGNORANCE! you can’t expect the ignorant to understand Kanye’s perception and concept of a God! Peace to the God

  • flo

    Danny Brown AOTY, should be #1.

  • Unidentifiedmo

    Where is Born Sinner on the chart?

  • ghettonintendo

    pls take down or switch danny browns (great album but no one knows danny outside the internet), take out jay’s forgettable album, no one cares for yeezus, and replace hov’s album with cole’s and switch pusha’s and coles album postiton

    1. Nothing Was The Same
    2. Born Sinner
    3. My Name Is My Name
    4. Old
    5. Yeezus

  • CASH

    Jay Z #1
    Pusha T #2
    Drake #3

  • IV

    Do y’all like hip-hop at all? Cuz it seems like y’all hate all these albums. Just hate your life instead. or on a country music blog site.

  • Joey

    I get Drake has mass appeal, but his music isn’t for me, whatever. However, I actually like Kanye and Jay-Z, but both of their albums are straight garbage. Yeezus has like 2 good tracks, and MCHG has like….maybe 1. Mac Miller, Earl, and J Cole should be on this list above them. Jay and Kanye are just getting by on their names.

  • mrcorleone4

    bout to see whats to this Danny Brown

  • Truth

    J.Cole should be on that list. Born Sinner is a great album.

  • Fresh360

    How often will this Chart be updated? This the same chart from the site relaunch…

  • mfecane77

    Drakes album is fun for about a week and the fact that he thinks that that shit is going to be around for a decade is a joke .. To be Honest J cole or Wale deserve to be on this chart

  • Jbakex

    Why is everyone throwing salt at this list? I can’t speak for Danny Brown’s album but I know if your research album sales for the first 4, NWTS blows them out of the water. And its the only Rap album on iTunes Top album sales list. This list is accurate despite how much you might not like it. Numbers don’t lie.

  • realman100

    Troy Ave “New York City: The Album” should be number 1 right now, he just crushed Jay-Z album, Khaled, Yeezus and anybody else that’s out right now, he brought back that old NY sound… and this is coming from a FLORIDA dude. We need that balance in music right now I miss 93-98 when NY sounded like NY and when I wanted to hear Down South music I could switch lanes

  • maine

    Get Born Sinner back up there. Remove Yeezus

  • iknow

    u already know whos bout to take that top spot now….#rapgod

  • GolfWang

    Wolf by Tyler the creator had the album of the year

  • SoulBrother#2

    when is ab soul dropping an album so he can shit on all these niggas .

  • ProEra

    drakes albums has R&B songs on it. i dont see how thats hip hop at all some1 explain this to me.

  • iknow

    my Top 5 white rappers


  • iknow

    top 5 albums next week should be …
    pusha t
    Juicy J

  • Victor Ramirez

    1. MMLP2 2. Born Sinner 3. MCHG 4. MNIMN 5. Yeezyus