’13 Best Albums #1: Drake Nothing Was The Same

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 10, 2014 @ 6:00 PM EDT

Best Behavior.

Yeah he sings. And guess what, he raps even better. Aubrey “Drake” Graham is an anomaly. A Black Jew from Toronto Canada who after years of hard work has become the #1 artist in the game. Forget waiting for a naysayer’s acceptance, Drizzy keeps evolving and Nothing Was The Same is his strongest collection of tunes to date. Yup, it’s better than Take Care.

You should have known. He warned you this past February when he dropped the year’s best rap tune “Started From The Bottom,” that the kid from Degrassi wasn’t playing no games. Track two here best displays his duality. “Furthest Thing” starts with a heavy breezy melody before morphing into a Jake One-traditional banger that’ll ensure that the backpackers will stay on the bandwagon. “I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I go the re-up,” he snaps with utter confidence.

Yes the sometimes laughingstock of social media proves he ain’t no joke. Yeah Drake’s a nice guy but you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. He points his fingers at his detractors on the boastful defiant bounce of “Worst Behavior”. Then he annihilates them on the glorious “The Language”. “I don’t know why they been lying but your shit is not that inspiring,” he punctuates before proclaiming, “I got to kill off the weak shit that’s got all you niggas excited.”

Ladies will be enticed by the sultry “Own It”. They’ll get their Jhene Aiko on and sing “I love me enough for the both of us” on the tenderly-vulnerable “From Time”. And I’ve yet to meet a member of the female species not enamored with Drake’s biggest hit to date, the Majid Jordan-assisted “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” See you at the alter, boo.

The only tune here that feels like a fail to me is the bad night at the strip club-sounding “305 To The My City”, but hey nobody’s perfect. Drake told us to wait on it and it was well worth it. In one of hip-hop’s most competitive years, Drizzy leads the pack and proves he’s a rap star in his prime with potential for further greatness. Shit, “Too Much” deserves its own Grammy and I’m sure Drizzy will be around a decade from now and more. You see for the boy with the clouds behind him, the sky’s the limit.—YN

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  • Sam Robilotta

    Let the hate start! Best CD of the year by far. Rating on this will be 1.5. 100 hating comments but guess what, Drake still will be caked up and you guys will still be a little dude behind a laptop leaving a comment on a website. Worst

    • Da Business

      I don’t have a problem w/ this being #1 but it’s not fucking w/ “Take Care”. And the “Versace” verse being better than the “Control” verse is LAUGHABLE. But it’s G.

  • intelligentsoul

    here comes the drake hate in 5…4….3….2….1

    • Dubz

      No hate….just don’t think it was album of the year…and definitely don’t think Started from the Bottom was #1 single either.

      • intelligentsoul

        what would be album of the year…..or single of the year then kinda sir? as far as im concerned…drake had this year on smash

        • Sam Robilotta

          yeah I know, I would like to hear that too. Prolly French Montana



    • Sam Robilotta

      we would if we could understand it.

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL


        • Sam Robilotta

          everything you say lol

  • marty mcfly

    I thought it was cool but its too laid back for me and I think his last album got this album beat by a little but its cool. I just think Drake can do alot better if he wanted to. I listen to this album and think why is this guy holding back and just doing some shit that sounds like he just wants to get by? I dont know but its a cool album though.

    • Sam Robilotta

      Respect that opinion.

      • marty mcfly

        Yeah cause Drake is fucking around just to idk be humble or not outdo the competition that much or something idk. This nigga has thee most number one hit records from a single artist in hip hop and he did it in a couple years like it was nothing. Now listen to this album? You know if he wanted to he could put out an album that would blow NWTS outta the water some far that it wouldn’t even compare. Imo Drake is trying to do a bunch of stuff artistically in order to achieve what he already has to a degree and as far as his personal lyrics go? Thats great and all but we’ve heard him do that hundreds of times at this point. I need an album from him of all hits, top to bottom. Straight up mega hits all the way through. Why? because its never been done in hip hop outside of maybe Puff Daddy’s debut album and MC Hammer way back in the day. I need Drake to deliver that fucking diamond album for hip hop. Why? because we all know he can if he wanted to, thats why. Its like this album was Drake just fucking around like he was just making some shit him and his friends can listen to and then he said fuck lets put it out. Now thats not a crime or anything but its like if you have the ability to possible be the greatest multi genre artists since… I dont even know when? Then why not do it? Thats all im saying.

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Oh this is such a shock!!!! Grown men shouldn’t be dick riders Elliot. Not hating just saying…

    • Sam Robilotta

      so he’s a dick for stating the obvious? Please never come back to the site we dont want you here.

      • carl watkins

        NWTS was ass

        • Sam Robilotta

          Your opinion. Very intelegent one and backed up with facts as well. Thanks for that.

          • carl watkins

            Haha, you tried to be condescending as well as make an attempt to insult my intelligence, yet you can’t even spell the word “intelligent” properly, the irony and no shit thats my opinion and I can back it up to if you require me to justify myself, but I only made that statement just to because you seemed to imply that NWTS being the #1 album this year is factual and not an opinionated view.

          • Sam Robilotta

            HAHA you did get me on that, I wrote it on my cell tried to correct it and I couldn’t. Then my Girl broke my cable modem on me cause she’s pissed at me lol and couldn’t get on my hot spot until just now. Yup too much info but whatever . I knew I was gonna get smack on that lol all good , It’s about to be switched now though.

          • J

            You spelled ‘intelligent’ wrong.

          • Sam Robilotta


      • Stephen

        How was he stating the obvious? If you went by the ‘obvious’ decision it would be MMLP2 because its the highest selling record.

        • Sam Robilotta

          but this cd was better overall. Yup obvious

  • LuxuryRap

    Dear B.Dot and Elliott Wilson,

    YOUR OPINION SUCKS! And I still hate the new RapRadar layout.

    • Sam Robilotta

      Quit the site. Never come back. Remove it from your bookmarks. See howmany fucks we all give.

      • YouGonEatYourCornbread

        lol nigga do u work for rapradar or somethin ?

  • peezy

    It wasn’t even close to being better than take care

    • Sam Robilotta

      Take care was great, this was great. Take care came out last year. Irrelevant comment.

      • lol

        Irrelevant? Not really, both are albums from the same artist so not really irrelevant at all. Only thing that is irrelevant is the year they came out, but is that what you are crying about?

        • Sam Robilotta

          It’s irrelevant cause it wasn’t released this year so it wouldn’t be in the count down. You know what, Tupac All Eyez on me was better then both of them CD’s. Does it matter? NOPE!

          • lol

            So you’re crying about the years. Quit crying cry baby

      • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

        Take Care dropped in 2011 not 2012, which is what I assume you’re trying to say. And that comment is relevant because all artist are judged by their previous work. You know that dude. Take Care was better.

        • Sam Robilotta

          doesn’t matter cause your wrong anyway lol

      • YouGonEatYourCornbread

        not irrelevant because YN said it was better so y is it irrelevant

        • Sam Robilotta

          I just explained it. No one is competing against a cd that came out 2 years ago by the same person.

    • Dashing28

      Yeah, definitely not better than Take Care. Take Care had Just Blaze (Lord Knows) and T-Minus(Yolo, HYFR, We’ll be Fine, Underground Kings etc), that gave the album some energy.

      • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

        I agree. This album was decent but was not on par with “Take Care”. I think “energy” is the keyword. Another thing is subject matter. I don’t think Drake has the artistic ability to think outside of himself or the things he routinely raps/sings about. I do credit him for rapping about his family issues because I believe many people can relate to that but all other things seem repetitive. I think J. Cole actually had the best album of the year. I thought the concepts were better, lyrics were better based upon the messages he tried to convey through his songs, and it showed growth. NWTS just reminded me why I hated “Thank Me Later”

        • Donn

          See what makes Drake subject matter dope is he only talks about HIS life. its cool to tell stories but Drizzy says he can’t make up shit about a life he doesn’t live. It feels dope listening to somebody tell their life story and not try to fabricate a story just to say they can. I think the energy sonically was better on Take Care though, but this album was dope because he picked up the energy more and he had more aggression on this album than Take Care. But if his only competition is himself then that says alot.

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            I see what you did at the end there and it was clever, but I have something for that…
            Drake isn’t the only rapper in his generation that raps about his life. Drake is the only rapper that raps about his own his and his fans want to live it. Kendrick and Cole rap about their lives. KRIT and Curren$y rap about their lives. It seems like the people who place Drake in that number one spot are more infatuated with the lifestyle he leads than anything he is really talking about. And again, the things he talks about are becoming repetitive. What do you think his next album will be about? At sometime you have to show growth and I’m guaranteeing you he won’t because he can’t artistically conceive thinking outside of that subject matter.
            And his only competition isn’t himself. He knows that Kanye will always be around and Kendrick is very much in the hunt for challenging him for rap supremacy. Just as much as Kendrick needs radio hits or club bangers for his next LP, Drake needs to make a critically acclaimed piece to solidify his position. I think that’s why he got salty about “Control”. He doesn’t want to be challenged.

          • Donn

            U know what, I actually agree with you bro. Great points. Nice to have a decent discussion without ppl calling each other names and shit lol.

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            Thanks. I’m not about that BS name-calling either. It’s 2014: Time to have more civilized and intelligent exchanges about our culture and the art form. If I wouldn’t say it to your face, then I won’t say it to you behind a computer screen.

          • yorapper

            Valid points!

    • YouGonEatYourCornbread



  • carl watkins

    Drake still has no classic albums….

    • intelligentsoul

      So Far Gone…Take Care

      • Word

        So far gone ain’t an album, and Take Care ain’t classic (but it’s closer than this was)

        • RealNinja

          Take Care is a classic. That shit is dope and waaay above average from beginning to end. Even that pop BS w/ Rhi-Rhi (can’t remember the name) was coo.

          • carl watkins

            You’re not helping your case in not remembering the names of songs of the album….

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            Worst part is the song he can’t name is the name of the album.

          • carl watkins


          • Word


        • intelligentsoul

          So Far Gone was sold in stores…making it an album and Take Care has songs that still get played 2 years after its release. Its a classic

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            Word is correct. So Far Gone wasn’t an album. It was an EP. Originally, it was a mixtape, but some of the songs couldn’t be cleared, the label had to remove a lot of the material.

      • carl watkins

        Are kidding me right bruh? So far gone was a mixtape that eventually became an EP(extended play) and Take Care was NOT a classic, stop reaching.

        • intelligentsoul

          I bet you think GKMC a classic though right? I aint heard Swimming Pools (his biggest hit) on the radio in forever hahahahahahahahahahahaha

          • carl watkins

            Yes I do think GKMC is a classic, like illmatic, like capital punishment they all fit my criteria for what a classic album is, we are in 2014, the album came out in late 2012 and is still charting on the billboards, I don’t really care for numbers but that is very respectable for a debut LP in the mainstream and the fact you base albums off of radio play means I am not to take your view seriously, fans like you are killing hiphop, but by all means continue listening to your radio jack ass.

          • It’s Just Music

            you are killing hip hop.

            your head is still stuck in the past bringing up illmatic and capital punishment.

            Hip hop has evolved, get with the times.

            the 90s was cool but we a decade and a half past that. let it go already

          • carl watkins

            I used those albums as examples of what I consider classic are smh, thats one hell of a dumbass comment, I don’t wtf kind of context you read my comment in but that was incorrect, there’s albums that I consider a modern classic, I’m not even 20, I missed most of the golden era of rap, so I can tell you that I’m not stuck in the past at all.

    • Bizar

      According to you…expert right.???? everything about Drake is classic. Drake’s ability to cross over as a rapper without having to talk about crack and guns says it all = authentic. It must be hard to watch him winning since day 1. everyone scrutinizing/analyzing him like they owe him something. U like him = Good vs dont like him = then leave & waste your energy on her fake gangster rapper = better world

      • carl watkins

        I never once said I was an expert, I don’t know where the fuck I gave of the vibe that I was trying to be a gangster, stop reaching for likes fuckboy, I have my opinions and justifications as to why I think drake is the pinnacle of mediocrity and if you want I’ll explain, but he can stay making hits, he’s doing well for himself right now and I disagree with alot of what you said there about drake tbh.

        • Sam Robilotta

          You guys are arguing about opinions you know right? There is no right and wrong answer. There is no winner or loser. Get it straight.

          • carl watkins

            People do that in hiphop, we always compare rappers to one another, rappers feed of that energy, they want to prove they can outdo the other rapper they’re being compared to.

    • E G

      Its hard to have a decent discussion on msg boards I think I understand your point to some extent but you seem very reluctant to give praise when its due. Drake had the best rap album of 2013.. its not like RR is the only website posting that its number 1 .. or top 3. GKMC was a great conceptual album. Drake has also acknowledged that no one else has done something like that in so long nor have they done it as well as KDOT. Why does it always have to be drake vs Kendrick to ppl? They have very different career prospects by the looks of it. You mentioned that drake has 40 as a lifeline. You could say the same for Kendrick because as soon as Dre put his name on it was hot (not saying it wasn’t worthy of that) This is just like that Jay-Z nas debate from over a decade ago. Nas lyrically is better than jay Z. Kendrick lyrically is better than Drake. I think Drake is a better performer and songwriter than Kendrick. IMO carl Watkins you seem to be a Kendrick stan with your multiple posts on this thread just dawgin for no legit reason. 2012 best album was Kendrick .. what are you mad about?
      Rap music is finally getting to a great place again and I for one am Team Drake ANDDDDDD Team Kendrick.
      and PS Take Care may not be a classic yet but its well on its way and I don’t think GKMC is a classic yet either but will be
      ppl living in this fast age where everything is a classic at least give an album 5 years to see if it stands the test of time.

      • carl watkins

        You know what, i’m.just going to leave it at, I disagree with a hell of alot of what you just said, but we’ll agree to disagree and I’m a nas stan, not a k.dot stan, k.dots one of my fav MC’s of the newer cats out right now, funnily enough I know this is going to appear incredibly retarded and plain untrue, but I don’t actually hate drake, I like his music sonically, it sounds dope, I bought Take care and thank me later, I think NWTS sounded dope too, but as a body of work was severely, like majority of drakes albums, it feels like a compilatkon of dope individual tracks, good energy, good vibe, but obviously I have my views on him as a rapper and singer, so that hinders me from being an outright fan when he doesn’t impress me in either department. This is the comment section, Im on a hiphop website, I came here to see there perspective on the album to get a different view and share my opinions, I barely come on this website, I think this is like my third ever visit, I’m not “dawgin” on anyone, Im not mad about anything, so chill b.

    • Sam Robilotta

      BS this is classic

      • carl watkins

        Lol, no.

        • Sam Robilotta

          lol YES

          • carl watkins

            Drake has yet to make a solid LP, that is good the whole way through.

    • It’s Just Music

      Drake has no hip hop classics you are right.

      He has MUSIC classics. Take Care and So Far Gone are much bigger than Hip-Hop. How is Take Care not a classic when every single song can be a hit? 3 years later, people are STILL talking about it.

      GKMC is a classic Hip-Hop album, put that album is a list with classic albums from all genres and its a goner.

      • carl watkins

        Then why the fuck did GKMC get nominated for album of the year at the grammys in 2014 and take care did not in 2013? GKMC is a classic album, period, it transcends well over time, drake is in the hiphop genre and according to you, make “classic” albums, bigger than hiphop, that aren’t even considered hiphop by alot of people, drake makes good music, he is yet to make a body of work that I believe can stand the test of time and is very limited to what he can produce, having an album that receives significant commercial success does NOT make it a classic, I believe drake has a classic in him, he just hasn’t made one yet. And btw, I don’t know anyone that still talks about that album.

  • Caposet

    Pusha, Jay-Z, Wale, & Cole can rap better than him.

    • Sam Robilotta

      Not Pusha. Jay-Z is a veteran so yeah, Wale is good he’s no Drake (worst behavior) .. Cole, debatable big Cole fan.

  • KoldCase

    This shit was good but not better than take care

    Not even close

    And yeah its a drake post but

    Good kid maad city > every drake project

    • carl watkins

      Drake has never made a project lyrically, conceptually or musically/sonically as good as gkmc or section 80.

      • Patron

        U know one thing good about Drake fans we dont go around & make stupid comments like yours. Drake is in his own lane + incomparable when it comes to music & very insulting to compare him esp to this guy & cant wait his time to be over + very sure you gonna jump to the next bandwagon when the new guy arrives. How can you say Drake aint lyricist? actually sad & embarrassing forreal.

        • carl watkins

          “Jump on the next bandwagon” stfu please, I’ve been following k.dot since he was k.dot and made yhnic, I know of all drakes work since rfi he is lyrically the pinnacle of basic and mediocrity, you shouldn’t assume every kendrick fan is a bandwagoner because I’m not I can justify my reasoning and you saying “I can’t wait this guys time is over” just shows you being salty and bitter, you never gave valid reasoning behind your statements and drake is notorious for stealing flows and lyrics(to a degree) look at his ‘who do you love’ verse and rappin 4 tays ‘players club’, 40 even ghost writes for drake too, he’s credited as a writer on numerous drake songs so stop trying to imply he’s a good lyricist, when he’s not and drake music has the same one dimensional repetitive subject matter, so chill, in my opinion 40, boi 1da, mike zombie and T-minus are keeping drakes career on life support, his music is carried by production and makes it sound sonically good but as a presence on the mic I find him bland and non existent, IMO.

          • It’s Just Music

            Drake steals flows and makes them even better. How is that bad?

            concerning production and engineers, Kendrick would be no where without MixedByAli and Dr. Dre. Same way Drake is nothing without 40.

          • carl watkins

            Your first part of that comment was just completly retarded, it’s opinionated and highly debatable whether or not drake makes the lyrics better, but a flow is just a flow, change that flow, then you didn’t steal the flow, so drake couldn’t make it better if he is using the same blueprint and executing it in the exact same way and the probem with that is authenticity, you can be influenced by certain styles, but stealing styles and marketing it as your own image is wrong, in bad taste and shows bad morality in that individual, drake is seen as an honest artist that makes “honest” music, yet he steals flows and styles of others, lack of originality and just wrong is what that is.

            I whole heartedly and completely disagree with you saying that kendrick wouldn’t be shit without his producers, he has content, lyricism, authenticity work ethic flow, he is NOT carried by production, he can go to other producers and adapt to a different sound and he writes his own lyrics and constructs his own music, dr.dre and ali just help him arrange his music, he’s a true MC and a true artist, drakes content is repetitive, one dimensional and predictable, as a lyricist he lacks depth and as a presence on the mic he’s just non existent to me, his music sounds sonically good, as a rapper, he is the pinnacle of mediocrity, his production makes his music more worthwhile NOT him, again this is my opinion.

          • It’s Just Music

            At the end of the day, nothing is 100% original. Every thing is taken and borrowed from some one else or somewhere else. Especially in Hip-Hop since we literally ‘stolen’ from every genre. But that what makes hip hop dope as hell. We are the only genre that samples other genres and use other artists lines and flows to pay homage. Hip-Hop by itself doesn’t even exist without other genres of music if you think about it.

            Drake isn’t the only one who ‘bites’ flows. Every rapper in the game right now you can say “oh he sounds like this or that” but that’s because nothing is original. I can say Kendrick tries to mimic the flows of Pac, does that take away from his craft? Hell no.

            Drake does write his own lyrics. He writes all his hooks, his producer just polishes them.

            Kendrick does write his own lyrics, but other people do polish them. With the GKMC booklet in front of me, I can clearly see names of other people credited as writers on all the songs. Do I believe Kendrick or Drake goes to the studio with a ghostwriter waiting inside with all the lyrics written out? Hell no man, come on.

            I think both artists are dope.

          • carl watkins

            You know what, I’m going to leave most of what you stated as your opinion in that comment, that I completely, utterly and wholeheartedly disagree with a hell of alot of what you said, but we’ll agree to disagree on the opinionated aspect of your comment, it’s hitting a dead end, I just wanted to tell you that neither drake or kendrick have multiple ghostwriters, their writing process is mainly authentic. Kendrick, has no ghostwriters, the names you see there are because when producers sample, the vocals have to be credited, look at “sherane aka master splinters daughter” names you will see there (aside kendricks) contributed to the vocals that had been modified throughout the beat, just because they are credited as writers, doesn’t mean they are actual writers, it could be the sample and if there is a feature artist it could be that their verse that was written, but anyway k.dot stated he writes his work and drake does for the most part too, 40 just makes it have a more commercial appeal in the writing process.

          • It’s Just Music

            which is my argument to you! lol
            That is what I am saying, that although there are writers credited on both of the artists works, I don’t believe these guys are not authentic.

            I agree with everything you just said! lol

          • carl watkins

            Huh? you said people “polish” their lyrics, I was telling you that no one polishes k.dots lyrics and that drake and 40 work together with most of drakes lyrics.

        • Stephen

          I agree with some of your points. One thing though. Carl is right Drake hasn’t made a great conceptual record. Although he has said he wouldn’t want to do that so that’s his own decision. In my opinion he can be a great lyricist if he wants to be. Songs like Started from the bottom and Worst behavior make him look bad. They’re so repetitive it gets boring after 30 seconds. My 5 year old nephew could write those songs.

          • It’s Just Music

            Drake is as lyrical as Wayne, Jay Z, Kanye and Kendrick.

            Waka said it the best, lyrical rappers don’t sell. no one wants to hear lyrical shit any more, only people that do are the guys stuck in the 90s.

            Look at Lupe. Dude is lyrical as hell. So lyrical you have no clue what he is talking about and he sucks at making SONGS, not freestyles.

            Drake is a song writer, he wants to make songs and relate to people, not fill up his verses with complex metaphors and allusions.

            Drake briefly shows off his skills (the alliterations on the bridge of Started) on some songs but doesn’t need to go all out. shit like that doesn’t sell

          • carl watkins

            Drake is not lyrical are you on crack? Lol, but seriously I hope you’re joking,mlil wayne had the corniest metaphors and his, what most people consider to be his “elite level of rapping was very bssic, kendrick and early jayz(reasonable doubt era) are true MC’s and phenomenal poets, drake has ghostwriters, 40 writes for drake, kanye west has loads ghost writers, they’re good artists, not good MC’s

          • It’s Just Music

            Drake is lyrical, maybe you just take his material at face value. He has shown he is capable of it, whether he wants to use it is on him.

            Listen to Tha Carter II and tell me wayne isn’t lyrical. The man can rap circles around every rapper today, and hold his ground against Kendrick (who does have the english language mastered IMO) and Jay-Z. Wayne today is trash I agree, but to call him not lyrical is just plain hating.

            He toned it down for Tha Carter III and realized that making good songs sells, not having great allegories or metaphors.

            40 is Drake’s producer. They write MUSIC together. If 40 and Drake are in the same room crafting an ENTIRE album together, don’t you think he will have slight input? If 40 changes one sentence, of course he needs to be credited as a writer.

            Kanye collaborates with TONS of people too which is the same situation.

            Open your favorite rapper’s CD (if you even buy them) open the album booklet and start reading. Most likely he/she didn’t write the entire song themselves either.

            At the end of the day, these guys need to make songs. Not every song can be a long freestyle about nothing saying some slick shit.

            I think Drake and Kanye are both great MCs. Go back to their old material and they show case that they can really spit and use flows. They progressed to be great artists, how is that bad?

          • carl watkins

            Double/triple entendres, allegory, variety in flows and rhyming schemes, drake is not a dope lyricist, maybe we have differing views on what an elite or dope lyricist is, people who I would say are elite lyricist are krs one, early jay z, nas, kendrick lamar, Ab-soul, lupe fiasco, jay electronica, rakim, mos def, I could go on, but lil wayne to me, had the most simplistic corny metaphors and basic subject matter, he just isn’t a good lyricist at all to me and neither is drake, not hating, thats my genuine opinion.

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            Me and you have been on the same page for a minute, but I have to disagree with you on Drake not being a lyricist. When the kid wants to spit, he’s nice. His verse on “Aston Martin Music Remix” was pretty dope. And the “Throw It In the Bag” and “Digital Girl” remixes. He does have a diverse flow (see “HYFR”, “Versace”, “The Language” and “F******’ Problems”). I’m not going to hate on the man’s skill. I just think he needs to diversify his content.

          • carl watkins

            well maybe I need to listen to drake more, I’ll phrase it better like this; I’m not going to deny drake is a lyricist, I just don’t think he’s a good lyricist, I think he’s very average.

          • It’s Just Music

            I truly recommend you listen to some songs off Tha Carter II, especially Fly In, Carter II, and Fly Out tracks. Shit even some of his ‘recent’ verses.

            “I’m just C4’in, my currency foreign (c4’in)”
            “real g’s move in silence like lasagne” (which even Talib Kweli recognized his genius)

            Shit the lines can go ON and ON. Yes he has corny metaphors, but dude has said some crazy shit.

          • carl watkins

            There’s nothing wrong with drake or kanye going on to be great artist, they are just definitely NOT great MC’s at all to me.

          • It’s Just Music

            which is understandable.
            As of today they aren’t MCs, I agree with it.
            Do they have the ability though? Of Course.

          • Danielle

            Drake writes for drake you idiot, 40 produces.

          • carl watkins

            On, occasions …..yes, but 40 aids in alot of songwriting process’, I never explicitly stated that 40 ALWAYS. Writes for Drake, dumbass, he handles in the production process, I know, I’ve stated that numerous times in this comment sectiion.

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            You’re right about songwriting. That is more key to being successful in the industry than lyrical ability. But I disagree that lyrical rappers don’t sell. Macklemore is lyrical. Jay-Z is lyrical. Kendrick is lyrical. Eminem is lyrical. Drake is lyrical. Each one of those dudes has gone platinum over the course of the past year and a half. You’re correct genres should show growth but tell me how Hip-Hop today is growing ARTISTICALLY? Because as a man that was in his teenage years for most of the ’90s, I’m trying to find it.

          • It’s Just Music

            Are you serious?

            In the 90s you had to be a gangster and shoot people to even be a rapper, It was about being hard and yada yada yada.

            Fast Forward now look how diverse rap is? Macklemore, Drake, J Cole and even Kanye couldn’t co exist in the 90s since they don’t act the ‘hard rapper’ part.

            If you want lyrical, you can listen to slaughterhouse.
            You want introspective rap? Listen to Drake, Kanye, Kid Cudi.
            you want to listen to ignorant shit? 2 Chainz and Waka is for you.

            If people wanted lyrical stuff, they’d buy lyrical albums.

            Yes the people you listed are lyrical, but that’s not their main focus. It’s within song writing. Shit Jay Z is lyrical as hell, and you can tell on some records he tones it down since its not needed.

            Rap is rap, there is something for everyone nowadays

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            So you never heard of A Tribe Called Quest? De La Soul? Black Sheep? Pharcyde? Common? Del tha Funkee Homosapien? Souls of Mischief? Freestyle Fellowship? OutKast? Goodie Mob? Black Star? Organized Konfusion? OC? Pete Rock & CL Smooth? Grand Puba? Large Professor? Heavy D & the Boyz? They may have had hard lyrics, but none of these rappers portrayed a gangsta lifestyle. You have a very narrow-minded view of what the 90’s were. They were just as or possibly more diverse than nowadays. I think you need to do some history and listen to these artists. There has always been diversity in Hip-Hop.

          • It’s Just Music

            Heard all of them. I listen to ALL genres of music, not just rap.

            My point is that rap today is way more diverse than that of the 90s. There is no way you can argue that.

            The 90s was diverse, but compared to today?

            IMO, I think rap is better and entertaining as of today than in the 90s.

            All I read in these comments are how they miss lyrical content and yada yada yada.

            Well you won’t find it on the radio or even on rapradar the majority of the time. With Itunes and Spotify and a search bar you have a plethora of music.

            If the people on these boards bought lyrical albums, we will hear more of it.

            Look at Kendrick, dude is a mastery wordsmith and knows the english language extensively, his album went platinum and is on top now.

            Rap music is one of the world’s most popular genre, even surpassing rock now! Kanye West said it the best, rappers are the new rockstars cause its true.

            To say rap as of today is more diverse as the 90s is confusing, especially once you seen the progress.

            Music is Music. I love it all. If I want lyrical stuff, i listen to the 90s stuff, I mean it still exists, does it?

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            I in no means am trying to disrespect you but seriously dude, how old are you? Because even if you heard of these artists, I doubt that you have listened to them because you wouldn’t have made a statement like that if you had listened to them? Hip-Hop is not more diverse now then I was then. Name a Horrorcore artist that originated from this era. Name a “Jazz Rap” from this generation. A G-Funk artist? A Crunk artist? A Booty Bass artist? An Afrocentric artist? A Bounce rapper? A Mafioso rapper? And these are just a few of the subgenres from the 90s. And this conversation is regarding Hip-Hop.

          • It’s Just Music


            Horror-core: Tyler The Creator

            G Funk: Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle?

            Crunk: (every trap rapper since trap music is the ‘modern’ crunk successor and uses tons of its elements. Sh!t by Future is just a slowed down stripped crunk song)

            Mafioso: Rick Ross (dude gets crucified for it though)

            Jazz Rap: Kendrick (GKMC had tons of jazz influence which I loved since I am a sucker for that shit)

            Bounce: Lil Wayne (originated from N,O, and his music is rooted in it)

            Afrocentric: Jay Electronica

            The only one you got me stuck is Booty Bass, which guess what there probably is one out there.

            Obviously the sub genres you listed aren’t prominent, but you can still hear their influence and how they are still alive today, they just merge with other shit. Like Rick Ross is 100% mafioso rap with his made up fairy tales, he just raps it over trap beats nowadays and it rocks.

            That is just rappers that are somewhat “mainstream” I could only imagine other established rappers

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            So Kendrick makes the same type of music as Digable Planets or Tribe? No. Lil Wayne (1) Doesn’t make bounce music and (2) Is a rapper from the 90s!!! His debut platinum LP was released in 1999. Jay Rock and Nipsey don’t make G-Funk. Their beats sound nothing like G-Funk. In fact, they would say that the West has taken the initiative to move away from that sound over the decade. And Tyler is insulted when people say he makes horrorcore. He doesn’t even consider his music to be in that subgenre. The 90s were just as diverse as music today. And if there were some old-heads involved in this conversation they would say that they were even more diverse. You will see. I’m 30. I’ve been listening to Hip-Hop since my aunt bought the 45 for “Wild Wild West” by Moe Dee. I’ve seen and heard a lot over my years. I’ve even had to go back and pick up stuff that wasn’t on my radar in my adolescence. Dude, I can tell you have a passion for music but use that passion to invest the time to LISTEN to 90’s Hip Hop.

        • REALLY23

          Don’t waste your breath arguing w/morons…

      • mac

        section 80 is kendrick trying to imitate Tupac at best..Nothing is really genuine about his craft..

        • carl watkins

          One hell of a dumbass statement

        • Da Business

          Past that shit u’re smoking my G…

    • flo

      Agreed. Take Care was 100% better than this imo.

      • Sam Robilotta

        good go listen to that shit then

        • flo

          whats up your ass? keep crying

          • Sam Robilotta

            haha my bad that was a stupid comment on my part.

    • intelligentsoul

      GKMC came out in 2012 though….smh

      • KoldCase

        i know that, i wasnt saying it is the best album of 2013

        i was just comparing k.dots and drakes latest albums

        and gkmc should win the grammy but we all know nothing was the same is gonna win it

    • frost
      • Everybody

        This is horrible! Can’t even stay on beat. Don’t quit your day job.

        • frost

          how bout you go fuck yo self ?

        • frostsucks

          yeah… this is pree bad, my ears were bleeding after listening to this. You looked slightly swag though. once i farted and it sounded better

  • Truthisthetruth

    Top 4 albums all have business interest with Rap Radar. So obvious….Good albums but the journalistic integrity of everyone at RR will be compromised slowly.

  • flo

    Average as fuck imo

  • Stephen

    I would personally have put MMLP 2 at #1 but I can’t argue with this.. My only problem is having MCHG at #2. That is just bizarre. It simply wasn’t a great album and that’s coming from a Jay Z fan.

    • t

      U wrote exactly what I would’ve written.

    • Sam Robilotta

      Agree, Eminem prolly should of been #2. In my opinion Jayz was fair. What’s up with all these long ass titles this year so we gotta come up with abbreviations lol.

  • Abe6772

    I thought this album sucked

    • Sam Robilotta

      cool, you must like that new chief keef record.

      • Abe6772

        not really, I’m more into real rap, not emo rap, bro. Sorry, but drakes for the ladies. It’s why Kdot dissed him

  • drewsmit24

    “Because the internet” is better

  • deadross

    listening to drake response on da shiit rmx. he handled that verse like a boss.

  • M25

    Drake had the worst album out of everyone on the list

    • Sam Robilotta

      coming from who again?

  • sam

    all hail king drizzy most no 1 ever how long did it really take him

  • Fistacuffs

    Classic Rap Radar.

  • LuxuryRap

    Elliott Wilson’s life:
    1. Dick Ride (Instagram pics/Tweets)
    2. Put them on the cover of RESPECT
    3. Post blog entries on every accomplishment
    4. CRWN Interview
    5. #1 on End of Year list
    6. Pick new artist
    7. Repeat

    Give or take a little…

    • Sam Robilotta

      Luxury Rap:

      1) Has no website
      2) Has no credibility
      3) Hates Elliot Willson
      4) Hates the internet
      5) Hates Drake
      6) Hates the world
      7) Loves Mily Cyrus

  • Sean Power

    YN do you have your official ovo chain yet ?

  • Youngn757.com

    why wasnt this on the list.. Thriller EP from YoungN’ – Listen & Download @C8S_YoungN http://www.audiomack.com/album/youngn/thriller-ep

  • Youngn757.com

    NEW VIDEO ALERT:VA Beach artist YoungN’ – We Fly High (Official Video): http://youtu.be/mc01P0NPaUM

  • disqus_TrbSjuoc3N

    the best rap album is an r&b album????? huh????

  • Matt

    can’t agree J Cole Born Sinner should be number 1 , I’m not a hardcore J cole fan either

    • Sam Robilotta

      Great CD, should of at least been #2. In my opinion much better then Jay-Z and Eminem. Notice how I said in my opinion. It’s so ridiculous arguing over this shit, everyone has their own opinions. I just have fun with it though.

  • GreenBergs

    yall muthafuckas needa think and sit back for a second, now i turn on the radio everyday hot 97 and all I hear is beyonce and jay z mchg all fucking day long (and hold on were going home), it makes me want to shoot myself in the head and crash my vehicle head on into traffic, now if u were to be stuck on an island deserted, with only Drake’s NWTS, Jayzs piece of trash MCHG, or Eminem’s frisbee MMLP 2?? you’re lying to yourself or not thinking about the situation clearly if u pick anything other than drake’s album, its the only album with replay value that isnt fucking annoying as shit (asides from hold on were going home)…

  • LI

    u know what….up here…fuck it…drake is god on rapradar…lol…and just regular everywhere else…its clear this site for the light skinned niggaz lol…

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    what a suprise… i told yall lol this is more r n b hip hop it was a good album ill give him tha but if u ask me born Sinner n MMLP2 was much better but i guess these niggas jus go along with whatever the masses talk bout

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    You see for the boy with the clouds behind him, the sky’s the limit.—YN LOL i bet this nigga YN gets a warm fuzzy feelng when he listens to drake

  • Pusha

    Just suck his dick already Elliot

  • malibu

    this is drakes worst album, but not much competition this year. they need to stop calling some these albums mix tapes. crenshaw > nwts

  • REALLY23

    YN got right… DRAKE got 2013 hands down…

  • basedgenie

    rapradar needs to change into popularmusicradar

    how drunk do you have to be to put a drake album number 1 on a best RAP album list…..this should have easily gone to either pusha or eminem depending on what you like in your raps

  • PJizzle

    where is Danny Brown – Old?!?!?!?!? much better than Freddie Gibbs and Wale’s album smh rap radar is falling off, bc u guys are dick riding all these rappers its gna make ppl like myself start a hip hop blog site that is gonna run rap radar into the ground dont believe me JUST WATCH nigga nigga nigga

    • Im a troll that’s how roll

      Danny brown is fruit cake

  • mac

    Top Most album of the year..

  • JD

    So Drake had all the best songs, the best album, the best verse, the best everything? I only bought “worst behavior”, I know plenty of people who did the same. This is the best example I can think of to demonstrate that the media is now a completely separate world than actual fans.

    • ha

      2013 was clearly weak as fuck

  • carl grimes

    born sinner was album of the year.

  • Killyoself Asap

    LOL this boring ass shit is “album of the year” huh? Shit is just so safe and lame. I cant believe real grown dudes listen to this clown. Drake’s radio pop albums should come with a pillow cause that shit will put you to sleep. “Stay trippy” blows this weak ass album away.

  • Dev

    Nah but seriously on the low….Mac Miller really had the best album of 2013. I swear we overlooking that album. It was brilliant with a whole lot of replay value!

  • fsafas

    Hi guys. I’d be grateful if you listened to my mixtape: http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=571345 THANK YOU

  • Hofmann1943

    Drake is whack as fuck. I know most of the Older 20-30 something crowd that grew up with hip hop is wondering how a canadian cupcake and a prison guard became the top artists in the Industry. My how far we have fallen.

    • ThaRealHater

      So u prefer a ballerina screaming thug life?

  • Rgeezy

    How am I not surprised, Elliot Wilson needs to get off Drakes dick.

  • a sav

    1. This album was great but not better than take care 2. Kendrick Lamar still has a long way to go before he can be compared to Drake we dont even know if he will last he only has one album out

  • dom

    can’t you just enjoy drake for what he is.. ice cream tastes good but is that all you wanna eat? kendrick is pizza, drake is ice cream.. they both taste good.. just enjoy it..