’13 Best Albums #6: Tyler, The Creator Wolf

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 10, 2014 @ 1:01 PM EDT

The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Tyler, The Creator has never been one to hold back. So on his third LP Wolf, The Odd Future frontman offers more pieces of vulnerability. Handling a bulk off the production, Tyler showed growth both on the mic (“Rusty”) and behind the boards (“Jamba”), allowing himself to share his untold story.

Toning down the dark twisted content, his alter ego “Sam” returns on the title track,”Wolf”. Touching on a broader range of topics,Tyler addresses his father’s absence (“Answer”), grandmother’s death (“Lone”), drugs (“48”), and last, but certainly not least, tender love (“Awkward”, “IFHY”). Aww. Leave it up to Mr. West’s mentor to deliver.—Big Homie

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  • Is a nice album, but Because the Internet is much better

    • Dashing28

      Agreed. Tyler is another one that should have been on the underrated list, but not best of the year. And Hodgy should have been a contender for the guest verse list.

      • adrianEufracio

        wolf is better than Because The Internet.

        • Dashing28

          They’re both dope. I don’t think there’s a wide gulf between the 2. Both artists grew from their last albums, but I thought Because the Internet was a substantial jump from Camp, both lyrically and musically. I haven’t heard an album that sounds like it at all. Wolf, was dope also and it felt like the natural progression that Tyler would have from Goblin. He’s a better rapper than Gambino for sure, but I was just more impressed/surprised/entertained by Because the Internet.

          Both were better than Wale and Gibbs though.

    • Word

      This wasnt even the best album in his camp. Doris was better than this, although this was solid too.

  • billy

    u think wolf was better than yeezus?

    • Chronic

      anything was better than yeezus

  • Alex

    Dope shit

  • Fistacuffs

    Seriously? Wolf is better than Yeezus?

  • The Almighty

    bullshit, album was garbage

  • The Real Rick Ross

    no…not at all.

    Yall tripping thinking Tyler on your list.

    I bet you will leave off Rittz, Tech9 but you put this guy??

  • LA Tha Gawd™
  • DOP3

    WOLF is dope as fuck and deserves to be on the top of 2013

  • pickaname

    good album. but could also be on the underrated list.