’13 Best Albums #9: Freddie Gibbs ESGN: Evil Seeds Grow Naturally

Written By: @BdotTM January 10, 2014 @ 10:00 AM EDT

Gangsta Boogie.

At the top of last year, Freddie Gibbs’ divorce from Young Jeezy’s CTE went public. But instead of biting his tongue, Gibbs siphoned his frustration into his full length debut, ESGN: Evil Seeds Grow Naturally.

Gibbs begins his deposition on “Lil Sodi”. On the track, Da Snowman’s vocals echo, “Shout to Gangsta Gibbs, he’s the next to blow.” You can call it prophesy, but Gibbs doesn’t harp on his former boss for too long. He refocuses his double time snarl on “Came Up” and the haunting “One Eight Seven”. Inspired by UGK’s “The Game Belongs To Me”, he returns to his dope boy roots on “Have U Seen Her”. On the hook, he asks, “Looking for the white bitch, cocaina have you seen her?”. The Pimp would be proud.

Gibbs is no average MC and he uses his baritone to his advantage. He does so on the harmonious “9mm” and “The Color Purple” before passing the buck off to BJ The Chicago Kid on the equally dulcet, “Lose Control”.  His most exciting moment however, comes on “Eastside Moonwalker”. The menacing track finds Gibbs getting it the ski mask way, “I’mma pull up slow, I’mma pull up slow/Run up with the mask, put them hoes on the floor.” 

Although the album’s only downside is its slew of features, Fred knows how to keep his product organically dope.—B.Dot

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  • mac

    I’m sure sonmeone in Giibb’s knew his going with jeezy was a bad career move. His buzz basicly died the day he inked with Jeezy.

  • usual suspects

    this was a good album but why have you just posted this under them other 2 posts like gibbs aint worthy of being at the top.

  • Dashing28

    Nope, this was not a top 10 album of the year. Beats were lacking and Gibbs has released better.

    And RR, order is all backwards. Why is #9 posted before #10?

  • Juice Crew

    It’s funny how YN and B Dot get no respect (even though they’re so gassed on themselves) I guess that’s what happens when you have no integrity and you sellout the culture you’re a part of.

  • milli

    One of the better albums to come out in 2013.

  • Kaybee

    I’m a Gibbs fan, but c.mon this can’t be a top 10 album.

  • Trillionare

    Im glad ya even recognized this album even though it deserved higher… Defiantly one of the better albums of the year

  • aboynamedandy

    ESGN was the hardest album of the year, hands down.

  • The Almighty

    yeah, this shit was slept on

  • In my problem voice: What?!?!

  • Bullshit


  • Yannic Re

    It is really one of the best albums since the last 10 years

  • carl grimes

    glad you put this on the list rather than juicy j or some shit