’13 Best Beats #2: J.Cole “Power Trip”

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 7, 2014 @ 5:04 PM EDT

Fully Charged.

Not only is J.Cole’s lyrics sharp as a tack, but his production is too. Prior to “Power Trip”‘s release, Cole said he wanted to usher in a new sound to the marketplace. With the a flip of a switch, Jermaine’s stuttering drum line thumps like a sonic boom. Sprinkle in some soul and the melody gives Miguel’s chorus an added boost. After a few plays, you may want to check your electricity bill.—Big Homie

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  • kinghenry

    it might fit into top 100 beats at a push

  • BxBully21

    Cole breaking down how he made this , makes the beat even that much better .. http://youtu.be/hjxdny59Coc

  • Dashing28

    Yeah, this is downright foolishness. What is the criteria? Does anyone go “Oh shit” when the beat drops. Can you play the instrumental alone and have people go crazy? If not then it’s not deserving of being ahead of everything you have before it and a hundred other beats that came out this year.

    It’s a hit record, but not one of the best beats of the year.

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      It’s hardly foolishness, there is more to a beat than whether it ‘bangs’ or not, no need to catch feelings so hard.

      Power Trip sounds like nothing else released this year. A year that was dominated by repetitive Trap/South beats, DJ Mustard hyphy rip-offs, and the odd soul sample chipmunk style looped up.

      To say there are hundreds of other beats ahead of it is the real foolishness here.


      • Dashing28

        I never said it had to “bang” or be trap.

        There are hundreds of better beats, many of which are not trap beats some of which are also J cole beats. It was a good beat, but a much better song. The concept, flow, and hook MAKE the song, not the beat.

        Crooked Smile is a better beat, more dynamic, more developed, less repetitive. But I don’t like the song as much. “Let Nas Down” also a better beat.

        Drake “Started from the Bottom” not trap, better beat

        “Tuscan Leather”
        “Furthest Thing” (second half)
        “All Me”

        From the Jay album alone
        “Picasso Baby”
        “Holy Grail” again the beat, not the song

        Eminem “Bad Guy”

        Pusha T “nosestalgia”

        And that’s just me thinking off the top and choosing non-trap beats.

        • Sit Down

          Nigga you takin this shit way too serious and half of those beats are bullshit

          • Dashing28

            It’s a comments section bro. The point is to comment. And just cause I aint saying some ignorant shit and I’m supporting my opinion with facts don’t mean I’m taking “shit way too serious”. You don’t have to agree with all the beats I posted but you really think this was the second best beat of 2013?

            My guess is Cole won’t make the top 5 best albums of the year so they’re making it up by putting this beat on here cause they’re politicking.

            This beat better than everything on MCHG and A$AP Rocky’s album and Eminem’s album and Pusha’s album? C’mon son.

          • Sit Down

            Yes the point is to comment but not to go to the level where it seems like you’re personally offended because you don’t agree. You acting like you produced a beat that deserves a higher spot. Your opinion is just your opinion, no facts were stated in your argument. A fact has to be indisputable and everything when it comes to personal taste is disputable. These lists are made all the time, shit Complex makes bullshit lists every fucking day so calling this foolish and making your own list isn’t gonna change a damn thing

          • Dashing28

            I can comment to whatever point I like homie…and pretty much every other comment tends to agree with me so looks like you’re in the minority.

            And yeah there are other bullshit lists and unless someone calls them on their shit they’ll keep thinking that they’re doing a good job. And if it don’t change shit, at least other people will know that the lists don’t speak for everyone.

            At the end of the day everything is subjective, but there are some facts you can point to as to whether a beat is better. Is it repetitive? Yes. Is it dynamic? No. If you DJ (and I have) and you play it do people react? No.

            No hate on J Cole, but he’s not even close to one of the top producers in the game and I think even he would admit that. And he, himself, made better beats on Born Sinner. The songwriting made this track, straight up. I give him props for that. If this was best choruses of 2013, it’d deserve to be on the top of the list.

  • Pdot

    Dope song but this is on no-one’s list

  • Dashing28

    just took the time to listen to the instrumental and it really gave me an appreciation for how good the songwriting is on the track because the beat alone is really not that impressive.

    Honestly, there are at least 3 Cole beats better that came out this year including “Kenny Lofton” “Let Nas Down” “Niggaz Know” are the first that come to mind.

    • deadross

      do forget crunch time

  • youtube.com/watch?v=yVEJwrOFSoU (DOPE BEAT TOO)

  • Ben


  • 2 cents

    This beat sounds like it was made on garage band! Good song, but certainly not the 2nd best beat of the year. Keep postin new music and keep your opinion to yourself….Drizzy with the BGV?!

  • Coney

    Really? This beat is audio Nyquil. I get drowsy every time I hear it.