’13 Best Beats #5: Don Cannon “Numbers On The Boards”

Written By: @BdotTM January 7, 2014 @ 2:00 PM EDT

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When Pusha T first heard the final version of “Numbers On The Boards,” he was so overjoyed that you would’ve thought he scored a kilo on consignment. Most of us felt the same way. Produced by Don Cannon, the sparse instrumentation sounds like Morse code on steroids. It’s that kind of minimalism that allows Pusha to elucidate rhymes like,“I might sell a brick on my birthday/ 36 years of doing dirt like it’s Earth Day”. Feliz Cumpleaons, nigga. —B.Dot

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  • Don P

    That’s a lil low if you ask me

  • Don P

    Thats a lil low. Can’t immediately think of 4 beats thats better than this

  • grk_boi

    this is going to be an interesting list, no doubt.

  • deadross

    IF DON called me up and was like ayy i got this beat for you! then i went to the studio and he played this shit for me… id be pisttt. basic ass shit. u got beats like go crazy, mr 17.5, cannon and u give me this wack ish?

    • Dashing28

      Nah, it was the perfect beat for Pusha, spare but still knocking a la Grinding.

      • deadross

        i guess its perfect for pusha idk tho the beat seems real empty and unfinished to me

        • LuckyP757

          less on the beat give an artists more room to do their thing. a nigga can go wild on a blank canvas

  • Dashing28

    What else is gonna be on the list?

    UOENO, obviously

    something off Yeezus, either New Slaves, Blk Skinhead or Bound 2

    something off MCHG, either FuckwithmeyouknowIgotit, Tom Ford or Crown

    soemthing off NWTS, Started or Pound Cake


    I’d say King Push or Nosetalgia should be, but they probably won’t do 2 Pusha beats.

    • Word

      Agree with all those beats, but I hope they include one of the MMLP2 beats too. Bad Guy and Legacy were quality beats, regardless of how folks feel about the album.

  • george

    DJ Cannon and Kanye both produced the beat… Why is RR excluding / not giving credit to Ye?

    • Public Hairs

      Kanye hardly produced anymore. I wouldnt be surprised if it was more Don Cannon than Kanye anyway.

  • Public Hairs

    Mofo’s really liked this beat THAT much? It’s cool, but not like OMFG

  • Malibu

    this beat is ass…

  • checopri

    this was the best beat of the year. it’s only people that want giant, overproduced beats so their favorite MC can rap over. when this dropped, rappers all over twitter were going crazy over the beat, not even the song. “monster beats” are not even enjoyable to listen to half the time.

  • checopri

    and it feels like it was recorded in like a meat locker. eerie ass, innovative beat. it was perfect.

  • JADatsyuk

    I fuck with Pusha and MNIMN, but this wasn’t even the best beat on the album for me. King Push, 40 Acres, No Regrets, Nostalgia can give it a run for it’s money.

  • Yacht

    Tailor made for Push that’s why I like it. Rarely hear/see that anymore outside of trap beats nowadays