’13 Best Guest Verses #1: Drake “Versace”

Written By: @BdotTM January 7, 2014 @ 6:30 PM EDT

No Andrew Cunanan.

Drake knows how to turn shit into sugar. His alchemy was put to the test this past summer when he hopped on Migos’ “Versace”. Mastering the group’s terse flow, Drizzy’s verse served as the ultimate status update. Need 16 bars? Think again. (“Verse for a verse, but man that’s not a swap to me”), Nothing Was The Same release date?  (“Started a label, the album is comin’ September, just wait on it”), Your music? (“I do not fuck with your new shit, my nigga, don’t ask for my take on it”).” Yeah, he deserves an award for that. —B.Dot

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  • 2PAC

    RIP rap radar….. u niggas got no.shame calling this the verse of the year…

  • BK James

    Wow, these lists sure took a huge turn towards Drake at the end. No respect.


  • Dashing28

    Damn RR. Like really damn. The worst part is that people take this site seriously and when looking back at this year some people may actually refer to your list as if it’s even remotely reflective of how people felt.

    Either RR is trolling. Or they really believe this stuff. Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse. They really think that that Drake’s Versace verse is either 1) a better verse than Kendrick’s or 2) more impactful than K. Dot’s verse.

    Let’s think about this for a second. What verse got universal acclaim this year? What verse singlehandedly shut down the game? What verse made people crown the MC the new best rapper alive?

    Take out the name dropping and the verse is STILL fire, from his king of NY claims, to being 2 Pac’s offspring, to his extended pilot metaphor, not to mention the technical skill and delivery that maybe only Eminem could rival.

    Drake’s verse was catchy, but it wasn’t even his best of the year.”No New Friends” “Too Much” “Tuscan Leather” “5Am in Toronto” all are much better verses. What did Versace say lyrically? Nothing. What did it have besides being catchy? Nothing.

    That makes it a hit record, but it doesn’t make it a best verse.

    Kendrick’s verse made every rapper in the game have to respond to it whether on Twitter, in an interview, or some who dared to respond on wax. And of the several verses that came out of it, none bested Kendrick.

    It is the most influential single rap verse that has been released in at least the last 10 years. Really.

    But Drake on Versace was better? becuase it’s catchier.

    What I want, in the interst of being fair, is a simple explanation. What is the criteria? It’s clearly not lyrical skill, impact, range of expression, dynamism, versatility, or content. So what is it?

    • B.Dot

      Kendrick “Control” is an overrated verse that’s only noted for him calling out names. He doesn’t even perform the song. I’m sure if you asked around how that verse even begins, no one would even know.

    • Pardon

      Take out of names and the delusional statement ‘king of ny’ and we wouldnt have this discussion. he did a song with eminem and dropped so many verses this year. do you remember? The hype of this guy is going to kill his career for real.

      • OcelotDME

        what you said is dumb

      • carl watkins

        That is one hell of an ignorant statement

    • caleb hampton

      bro, no one takes this site seriously. I have been comin back to this site less and less lately.

      • Sam Robilotta

        good stay the fuck off it then

        • You’re dumb

          ahahaha! you mad, bro? Niggas that love Drake are so sensitive!

          • Sam Robilotta

            yup so pissed off right now, I just threw my laptop against the wall.

    • carl watkins

      Bruh, Elliot wilson DICKRIDES drake, thats it point blank, lightskins tryna stick together, I was shocked they put big seans all me verse ahead of control, even though that was dope but this is just an abomination.

    • Fistacuffs

      It’s not Drake’s best verse but this category isn’t for Best Verse. It’s for Best Guest Verse. All those other songs you mentioned were Drizzy’s songs, not a guest verse.

      • Dashing28

        I realize that and there are several guest verses better than it, most notably Kendrick on Control, which I mentioned in great detail. The point I was making with the Drake verses is that he’s done much better work himself this year and that the verse, outside of being catchy, isn’t saying much, or particularly clever/witty.
        In another comment, I listed a bunch of guest verses that should have been on the list, but they’re not all big names so RR pretends that they don’t exist.

        • Fistacuffs

          I’m not saying you’re wrong. I agree with you. Just wanted to point out it was for guest verses. I personally feel like there’s a lot better guest verses from many other artists than they have in their top 5. I mean Rick Ross in the top 5? That verse was garbage.

    • Lee

      Influential = Action & opinions strongly influence the course of events) forget the names dropping but No one believed in him or respected when he claimed to be a king of ny’ & its a human nature to react to false statement even the boy from the xfactor said you aint a king sit down’ but on the other hand when Drake said, I could load every gun with bullets that fire backwardsYou probably wouldn’t lose a single rapper..Without me, rap is just a bunch of orphans…Give these niggas the look, the verse, and even the hook
      That’s why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake) = offensive but yet TRUE & nobody had the audacity to reply. thats how it is without comparing what happened to the 90s coz we’re in a different generation & the guy just wanted to be noticed.

      • Dashing28

        I’m not sure I understand half of what you said, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t mention anything about the Versace verse, which is the verse we’re talking about here.
        I’m not saying that Drake can’t rap or that he doesn’t have great verses. In fact, I’m saying I agree with you that the verse you’re quoting from “5AM in Toronto” is dope and better than the Versace verse. But that has nothing to do with this post whatsover.

        • Haann

          Bro stop being so ass hurt everytime Kendrick doesn’t come first in something. It’s not that serious. Drake will never be the blogs favorite rapper. But truth is he’s the real life real world biggest rapper out right now. That’s what this list reflects the hottest verse in the real world not internet shit. If the list was about which verse got the most reactions then Kendrick would have won. But it’s not

          • Dashing28

            I know you’re an unabashed Drake fan and that’s fine so you’ll jump in whenever anything remotely negative is said about him…

            I’m not an unabashed Kendrick fan. I’m a hip hop fan. When the list of best rap albums comes out and they inevitably put Drake at #1 you won’t hear a peep out of me because I could understand it being ranked #1, although I personally disagree. I’ve got all of Drake’s shit since Comeback Season. I like NWTS, but to me it wasn’t as dynamic, diverse or as interesting as Take Care. It just felt safe, but agree to disagree on that.

            I even understand, somewhat, the argument that Drake is the #1 rap artist of 2013, although, again, I disagree…

            but best verse is really baseless, unless the criteria is solely sales (which best verse should have nothing to do with) or most catchy.

            It just feels like a case of “Drake made this song and group hot and the verse was catchy.” If there’s more reasons than that for why it’s good and you can explain it to me, I’m all ears. No sarcasm. I’m willing to change my opinion.

          • haann

            Im assuming you dont go out to party or go to clubs of any sort, or dont listen to radio . Versace was a much more played verse and was heard all over the world all year. I understand your argument of control being ground breaking and what not and I agree with you that versace is not drakes best verse of the year 5 am in toronto is. But as a guest verse the impact it had worldwide not just in hip hop was bigger then control. Control was never played on the radio never played in the clubs, Kendrick has never even performed that verse, heck we dont even remember how that verse starts. We never really even talk about the control verse itself we talk about the names he called out and how badly drake reacted to it. Im not saying the control verse wasnt amazing cause it was, but to me I can understand how they put versace over it.

          • Dashing28

            I go to clubs a lot. I used to DJ. I know the song was bigger than Control, and if that’s the sole critieria, then sure, it wins easily.

            but to me, they shouldn’t be judging the song or it’s sales/club relevancy. They’re judging just the 2 verses. “Control” should not be on the top 10 list for best songs of 2013, while a case could be made for Versace.

            but saying Drake’s verse is better because it got played more and was bigger is like saying in 1997 that Mase’s verse on “Feel So Good” is better than Inspectah Deck on “Triumph” because it was a much bigger record.

            I also disagree with the notion that the best verses are the most easily memorized or have the most memorable opening line. (I still remember how J-Kwon’s Tipsy 1st verse starts, but it doesn’t make it a good verse)

            And despite the fact that Control wasn’t a single, or available on iTunes, and had no club/radio appeal because there’s no chorus and the beat is not danceable, it still got written about and discussed by every rap media outlet and non-conventional media outlets like CNN, Huffingtonpost etc.

            Hey. Agree to disagree. The site agrees with you. I’m just voicing my opinion so that opposing views don’t get written out of history.

          • Haann

            I respect your opinion, I just dont think you realize how much of an impact that drake versace verse had on the world not just hip hop. Thats what made it the hotter verse. Drake is literally the only rapper that can turn local rappers into millionaires over night off of one verse, it was the hotter verse. Kendricks content was maybe more what you wanted to hear out of a verse, and like i said control was great. But I think the site realized without the names kendrick called the verse was not the best. Thats not even kendricks best verse of the year if you ask me

    • Mani


    • Sam Robilotta

      where’s your site at? oh yeah you don’t got one. Sit down.

      • Dashing28

        Umm…. don’t need to sit down cause I was already sitting when I typed this and i don’t need a site to have an opinion. That’s why comments sections exist.

        And from the amount of upvotes I got and the other comments, clearly a lot of people agree with me. Good day.

  • sam

    it was a dope verse, i agree with bdot, verse got every one saying versace all over the world drake made migos and versace hot

  • Y’all need to take his dick out of your throats. This is not the best verse of the year. You’re playing yourself..

    • Rena

      Everyone has their own opinion but a lot of sites have it as one of the best verses this year – and to be fair this is best guest verse.

  • RealNinja

    LOL, I told ya’ll this would be #1. Drake did snap like a foo on this and made what was already a hit a WAY bigger hit so I can see why they got it at #1. Not to mention all the MFs copied the Migos style ONLY after Drake did it & killed it kinda like Biggie on “Notorious Thugs”

  • JP

    Just a thought, next time. Start a poll, with a list of options and let us, the fans vote. Im sure then it would be more accurate. Just an idea.

    • RealNinja

      It’s THEIR opinion not OURS. This is about what THEY think but they should do a pole next year and maybe do a comparison i.e.
      YN Voice “Even though we had him at #3, the RR Community Voted for Kendrick’s “Control” at #1. And after heavy debate at the RR Ranch we gave the #1 slot to Drake for his “Versace” verse” *insert ugly ass YN laugh*

    • VN

      Yeah cuz when fans vote for shit then it always comes out accurate, when’s the last time you saw some shit you fuck with win a viewer’s choice award

    • Sam Robilotta

      wait who are you again? oh yeah NOBODY. sit your ass down let the teachers teach the class, you’re just a student.

  • Ray

    Like everything else, this is debatable but I agree with one thing…Drake had the verse of the year…but it wasn’t from this song.
    Either 5Am in Toronto or Tuscan Leather.

    • RealNinja

      5AM was hella dope but it wasn’t a real song it was a long ass “freestyle”.

  • Chronic

    This site has officially become popradar

  • Mag

    Control verse overrated as fuck. Only bothered to listen to it a couple times. Meanwhile, Drake’s Versace verse has over 500 plays in my itunes libary.

    • Pour

      control = pr stunt. versace verse even gave migos an opportunity to shine. look at them now PLUS Everyone & their mama did cover that shit even UK artist PLUS he didnt drop any names to get attention. FACT. Give credit where its due i’m so sure next year you gonna jump to the next new guy. learn to be fair & educate your opinions plz

    • caleb hampton

      Cool story, bro.

  • YNs Mom

    Big K.r.i.t. 1 train > anything drake did

  • The line that Drake said in that verse that I rocked with was Im always the first one to get thats how you lead by example. Thats my motivation line of 2013

  • vanruddy

    hold on … is b dot basically saying that Versace was shit and drake turned it into something good? :s

    • B.Dot

      Yes. That song sucks. I turn it off after Drake’s done.

    • Rena


  • Mike25

    J. Cole, Kendrick and Drake him self had better guest verses this year. Shout out to Cole because he had a lot of dope guest verses this year and was over-looked once again.

  • Dashing28

    So people have other options that RR didn’t post consider these verses:

    Kendrick Lamar on Pusha T’s”Nosetalgia”
    Wale on Rapsody’s “Dark Knights”
    Rick Ross on Pusha T’s “Hold On”
    Chance the Rapper on Rapsody’s “Lonely Thoughts”
    Hodgy Beats on Tyler the Creator’s “Jamba”
    Vic Mensa on Chance the Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses”

    • B.Dot

      @Dashing28 outside of Kendrick & maybe Ross, your taste sucks.

    • Melly Mel

      A lot of the rappers aren’t “Big” enough yet to be considered apparently only super popular rappers get considered smh

  • JD

    Only in the media is this the best verse of the year. Nobody on the street thinks this is the best shit of the year. Fact.

  • S. Mat

    DRAKE murdered that sh*t. Best verse of the year and yes that includes CONTROL. STOP getting so hype off a few names named and go line for line. DRAKE said slick sh*t that’s actually true – a verse for a verse, that’s not a even swap to me <— shitting on the industry!.

  • JADatsyuk

    I do not fuck with this list B. Dot and Elliott, don’t ask for my take on it.

  • deadross

    saw this shit happenin like i had binoculars {o_o}

  • Guillaume Pilon

    couples years ago R.A. the rugged man got verse of the year for uncommun solder story

    now……a wack verse is verse of the year….. music is dying lol

  • Blake

    and the dick riding of Drake by your site continues,how any guest verse over Kenderick’s Control verse is beyond me.

  • sway-z

    Ya’ll niggas really been drunk with this. Like for real. The only guest verse anybody talked about last year isn’t even #2? Word?

  • intelligentsoul

    My 2 cents:Kendricks Control verse was a magnificent well written verse that impacted hip hop greatly. Drakes versace verse went international and put the migos on a world tour. Now, before you start wining about how that Control verse changed the game, go ask a suburban white kid if he ever heard the verse. Then ask him or her if they heard “Versace Versace”, see what response you get.

    • Ihatedumbcomments

      Brah what are you talking about??? Kendrick’s control buzz was so big it was a topic on CNN and every other major TV news outlet in America. The Huffington Post even had an article about the shit. So that means suburban mothers who don’t even know who Drake is, knew about that verse you dummy.

      • intelligentsoul

        My nigga…aint no white mom going to care about a kendrick lamar. BTW, I said kid. Furthermore, you really think Drake is less popular than Kendrick Lamar? LMAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        • Ihatedumbcomments

          Yet again you’ve allowed your fingertips to display great stupidity. Did I say Kendrick was more popular? Nope. I was simply showing how your point that Drakes verse had a bigger impact on hip hop than Kendricks was false. If suburban mothers knew about control, how could their kids who are far more in touch with what’s going on in the state hip hop, NOT know about control?????? I apologize for assuming you had the common sense to pick up on that. Mybad brah.

          • intelligentsoul

            No man…i apologize for sitting here talking to a dude over the internet who thinks a rich surburban mom would care about hiphop. A guy who thinks a rich white mom would know about or care about hiphop what so ever. May God Bless You brutha

    • nicoswebaby

      a lot of white suburban kids was posting Control when it came out, on Facebook, and I’m from Sweden. Far less have posted Versace.

    • nicoswebaby

      and I feel like: Why do you have to put in that whites wouldn’t have a clue? Have you been to a concert lately? You rarely see black audience supporting an artist when he/she goes live.

  • keston

    Wat people don’t know about the drake verse which makes it fail is that he said “selling a million first week” and he didn’t do it which makes him fail. Kendrick on the other hand made claims that were either true or became true. B.dot and yn will always be on drake’ s dick over kendrick even the second verse in bitch don’t kill my vibe remix was more fire than versace

    • intelligentsoul

      he also said he is a optimist…which is someone who expects a favorable outcome and he got that so idk what youre talking bout. 700k first week is platinum in this time. Kendrick said he wanted to kill alot of rappers careers…did he? nope..so what does that say about kendrick?

      • you are dumb

        did he nope? dude wtf are you talking about? Kendrick hasn’t released any new music since then so how could he kill anyone? you make no sense fucking dumbass

        • intelligentsoul

          thats cool that you can type curse words but what I say is true. Name me one thing Kendrick said in that verse that has come to fruition?

          • keston

            Everything he said was he is the king of both coasts when it comes to spittin no one can see kendrick right now with bars I ain’t talking radio hits

  • GreenBergs

    lol not surprised, dudes feature made their careers..

  • Hip Hop= Camaraderie

    I guess the game is Based on “helping dudes” instead of competing,

  • heruthagod

    I’ll give drake credit & say his Versace verse is top 10 of the year, but damn sure aint # 1. Both kendricks control & nosetalgia feature verses alone were better than this. But I forget this is RR, cock eating central

    • Yacht

      Nosetalgia verse was retarded. I never fuked wit Control verse shit was wack and I believe song never made HOF albums because it was a throw away (not sample issues). Lot of dope verse from year but I kind of agree with Versace being number 1 Drizzy blessed them.

      • carl watkins

        Bruh, you could’ve just said drakes dick was lodged in between your vocal chords, would’ve made much more sense than you talking out of your ass like that….

        • Yacht

          Quit this fuk boy shit y’all be having going on up here. You ain’t got to agree wit me but all that fake gangster homo as responses… stop that shit. We don’t respect it

          • Yacht

            More Potent verses in Kendrick catalog than Control. That was for you late pass Kendrick fans

  • Da Business

    HA!!! This is SOOOOOO laughable. Y’all [email protected]$ on some trolling shit fo’real.

  • rap radar is wack

    the top 5 best guest verse is honestly the worst list I have ever seen. shit is pretty comical.

  • Kevin Banks

    A terrible miscalculation by RR, let the people vote, this is 2014 people will not agree to live under a dictatorship, they will just leave find a realer provider for that audio crack! Lets see how RR bounces back

  • YN X the source magazine

    Switching from This site, def lost respect. Popularity over culture, that’s the he way of the game I see.

  • Bkmkj

    lol nigg say the same ish about these lists every year…oh these lists make this site lose credibility…lol give it up nigg they site they opinion just agree or disagree stop crying…Chuuch!!

  • tjp

    Lupe on Poor Decisions was ”by far” the verse of the year.

    • sway-z

      I can ride with that. Also Ross on that Pusha T joint, that along with Poor Decisions is probably the best work he did all last year.

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    Listen to my new single gees. You won’t be sorry. https://soundcloud.com/boi-genuis/whatyougot-feat-d-stacy-prod

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    smh lol i knew RR would make this 1 its a nice verse but the number 1 ? fuck outta here yall left of let nas down remix too

  • truth

    Drake the greatest rapper ever.

  • Hollywood the God

    i am not a drake fan but his flow was good…he didnt really talk about anything out of the ordinary, or “hot shit that make a niggga say rewind that”…but it was good.. kendrick control verse was better…

    matter of fat, kendrick lamar was artist of the month on my site…makesensedontit.com…come there for that real hip hop, awareness, news, sports, poetry, comedy, all that


  • KingOfThingz

    I don’t get this list shit!! How can you put this verse as number 1 and Kendrick had the world…yes the world, looking at hip-hop. This whole Versace verse won’t be remembered in 5 years. That Control verse wasn’t the best Kendrick verse, but it most”talked about verse” definitely in this decade.

  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    Ah B DOT

    Still waving his “if it’s not Drake or Jay Z , it’s shit” flag.

    Right. The Migo’s song was hated and “shit” till Drake got on it. No one ever heard it, the clubs never played it.


    The Guest #1 verse btw is when Ebro (surprise guest) had that black-out stanza at HOT 97 demolishing you and your lack of credibility to your face BDOT & all you could say was ” go do a smack fest”.

    What a creative retort. HA

  • GodDyhu Harrison

    DRAKE had given Migos ALL of their respected recognition with his guest verse on Versace, I pretty sure that Versace would get no plays before Drake’s verse

  • TeF

    This is just embarrassing.