’13 Best Guest Verses #3: Kendrick Lamar “Control”

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 7, 2014 @ 4:34 PM EDT

Uncontrollable Kendrick.

It’s funny how one verse can fuck up the game. And when Big Sean dropped this leftover track, Kendrick’s verse ruffled more than a few feathers. Whether or not his “I’m Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York” line was taking out of context, it spawned countless responses and great debates.

From Jermaine Cole to the song’s owner, K.Dot fired a warning shot, prompting his peers to step their game and lyrical bars up. Hell, not even Phil Jackson could tame this black mamba. West Coast.—Big Homie

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  • Faded

    Niggas are gonna freak this aint #1 but the best part of the verse is when he goes in AFTER he calls everyone out to end his verse.

  • hahahah

    Drake #1

    cry haters

  • ye

    Bdot gonna give drake or jay z the number one verse

  • Madflavour

    Between this being #3 and Ross being #4 I’m bout ready to abandon this site

  • fukurpost

    this verse is alright..the only way this rocks is because he name drops everybody…man this verse was the most talked about but not the best..hovs bitch dont kill my vibes verse is tougher than this..

    • carl watkins

      And k.dots 2nd bdkmv verse was tougher than hovs, i know thats not a guest feature but still.

  • kinghenry

    #3 this is just an embarrassment lol, this verse shook up the whole game and it literally was the most impressive verse of the year in my eyes

  • kinghenry

    jay electronica’s verse should be #2 if anything

  • jinx

    #2 Hov – Devils a Lie or #2 Cole – TKO Remix.

    • Maestrosik

      You know Cole is not going to be on the list at all even tho he may deserve it

  • Money Mitch

    this site lost major credibility with these recent listings… smh I feel like my mother could listen to rap and make these assumptions. fuck you YN. wheres the culture? RapRadar prides itself on only using popular artists and you niggas come off as snobby old rap niggas who use the internet for monetary gains but don’t pay attention to niggas until theyre on TV, radio or have a million RTs. You niggas disgust me. And Ive been coming to this site since the inception, I used to be a huge hiphopdx nigga I never go there now but I will make that change today. lol im pissed b!

    • carl watkins

      Hotnewhiphop is the best hiphop website b

    • RealNinja

      I been switched over to hiphop-n-more.com. Between the new wack as layout here, RR blocking legitimate non hateful comments on the old site layout and all this dick riding they do without the proper merit this shit has become something I just slide through towards the end of the work day to pass the time.

    • Juice Crew

      I don’t frequent this site much at all anymore because of this, these guys behind RR are all gassed on themselves, but they’re really just a bunch of dick riding clowns. Their bias will eventually backfire on them. What goes around comes around.

    • ODB

      agreed i was a hugeee hiphopdx fan, something changed with RR, they are reaching entirely too much these post are really shitty!!

  • carl watkins

    I have no problem with this verse being number 3, I think it was kind of overhyped, I have a problem with elliot wilsons system because he DICKRIDES drake, if drake is number 1 this site looses credibility.

    • TeF

      You were saying? LOL

      • carl watkins


  • RealNinja

    Versace verse from Drake will be #1

  • Pdot

    how on earth is this not number 1. Like actual wtf

  • Dashing28

    RR is either trolling or has no credibility when it comes to assessing hip hop.

    There is no other possibility.

  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    i thought this would of been number 1. watch the 1 be some bullshit

  • Papi

    How’s this nr 3? Most talked about verse in 2013. U on crack?

  • jokesonyou

    That OVO support $ must be really kicking in

  • S. Mat

    All good making this # 3. You young niggas just overreact to somebody doing old shit (naming names) and got all hype so you assume that makes the verse #1. Old niggas done seen it before and aint getting as hype over it. Sit back and learn something young niggas. BTW, you can like others but so many of you diss DRAKE for being talked about too much but make the argument that Kendrick should be #1 for being talked about soo much. Same argument for KDOT is the argument you have against DRAKE. SMH.

  • JADatsyuk

    Of course Drizzy’s Versace verse is gonna be #1, but this is just pathetic. How do you justify the most talked about verse of the year at #3?

  • deadross

    the verse was over hyped the name drop was the coolest thing besides that joel ortiz control verse was even better then kdots

  • xxx

    charlamagne tha god PLEASE GIVE RAPRADAR DONKEY OF THE DAY FOR RANKING CONTROL AT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viva La Raza

    no other verse comes to mind more than Kendrick…this is the #1 verse of the year, its impact was loud and a staple in hip hop media for EVERYONE. Regardless if you like it or not, it was an earthquake induced tidal wave to the island of hip hop…

  • The reason Drake is rapping the way he is right now is due to kendricks control verse. One verse changes the game and its at #3. terrible