’13 #Best Mixtapes #2: J.Cole Truly Yours 2

Written By: @BdotTM January 8, 2014 @ 5:00 PM EDT

Sincerely, Jermaine.

J.Cole had a deadline to meet this past spring. He only had five days to turn in his sophomore set Born Sinner, but instead of giving up the goods, he blessed the internet with a six track freebie, Truly Yours 2.

On “Cole Summer”, Jermaine opens up about his financial status, (“Confessions of a cheap ass nigga/ but I finally put my momma in that E-Class, nigga”), insecurities (“If my next album flop, it’s back to the post office/ Both of us”) and success (“Wanted to drop the album in the summer/ But the label didn’t think they could sell it/ Recouped the first week/ I think there ain’t shit they can tell us.”)

His boasts continue with ATLiens Jeezy and 2 Chainz on “Kenny Lofton” and “Chris Tucker” respectively, but things hit a somber note on “3 Wishes”. With endearing poignancy, he verbalizes his desires to help his mother and incarcerated friend.

At only six songs, there’s a small margin for error. So even if “Head Bussa” is a bit contrived, nobody’s perfect. —B.Dot

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  • Ha ha ha ha

    You guys are really hurting your brand with all this dickriding

    • Why is it dick riding when they give respect out to those that truly deserve it? WTF is up with you lames, overly opinionated on the negative. instead of a healthy debate on why this 6 track Mictape is better than 90% Mixtapes out?

  • hogball

    B Dot you need to get an interview with Boosie mother on his pending release next month

    • ali

      Fuck boosie he wack ass fuck!! True sht

  • OOPH

    Head Bussa is the best joint on there, B.Dot.

    • B.Dot

      That joint is weak @OOPH

  • Word

    Collectively Truly Yours definitely deserves this spot. Stay was the best track of all 3. Alone, TY2 top 5 but Acid Rap should still be higher.

  • ualreadykno

    this literally had like 4 songs on it period. where is Banks – FNO, Kevin Gates Luca Brasi Story, Fabs – Soultape, Pushas – wrath of cane? as much as i fuck with cole this doesnt deserve a spot let alone number 2 and neither do grand hustles project.. who heard it? Rich Homie had better and got more burn than that

  • Danny

    Damn head busssa my fav track on the mixtape

  • Harvey Cummings II

    Head Bussa was the hottest track though…

  • YallAreWeirdos


  • That Guy


    “Tears for ODB
    drug induced poetry,
    what’s the use,
    strung out form the drug abuse,
    woe is me”

    from “Tears for ODB” is harder than most of the tracks off of YT2, although it is definitely a solid tape. Not to mention “Stay” and “Crunch Time”….. Did you even listen them……lol the ignorance continues.