’13 Best Mixtapes #4: Meek Mill Dreamchasers 3

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 8, 2014 @ 3:00 PM EDT

Still Chasing.

Like they always do at this time: Meek Mill and fellow Philadelphian DJ Drama join forces to bring you the latest edition to their classic mixtape series. From the jump you know it’s gonna be a grand affair. Y’all know Meek loves an intro and this one includes a surprise guest verse from Travi$ Scott and appearances from two of hip-hop’s most notorious shit talkers Birdman and Diddy. Fuck they little T-Ts too, Puff? Damn!

Meek proves he ain’t playing no games with the mixtape’s standout, “Make Me”. You think he yells too much? Well how’d you like a lil autotune on them vocals? Sounds good to me. Anchored by a powerful chorus, the song’s message is clear here: Fame hasn’t made Meek forget those who weren’t checking for him in the past—especially you gold diggers. “All these hoes wanna fuck with a nigga like me/But when I was locked down ain’t none of these hoes write me/That’s why I don’t chase bitches cause the money only thing excite me/I don’t fuck with new niggas/All day one niggas beside me.”

Although he keeps his circle tight, Meek is still a master collaborator. He gets the best out of his features. Nicki Minaj’s verse on “Dope Dealer” is crack. She switches the flow: “30 Mill-ion though, Forbes list/Out in Philly in a condo, boss shit/Now they call me Young Oprah; Harpo/In the pool rockln polo, Marco.” Fellow New Yorkers also appear. Jadakiss praises his son on the Luniz-inspired “Heaven Of Hell”; Loso name drops Big Sean on “Money Ain’t A Issue”; and “Right Now” is a bizarre-but-effective banger with French Montana on the hook and guest verses from Ma$e and Cory Gunz.

Sadly one contributor isn’t here to experience it all. DC3 includes Meek’s moving dedication “Lil Nigga Snupe” where he tries to make sense of the death of his 18-year-old artist. “They killed my nigga Lil Snupe/My lil nigga was the truth/And all he wanted was a coupe/All he wanted was a coupe/So what’s a nigga supposed to do?/Tell em put the guns down or tell these lil niggas shoot?/Cause they’ll do the same to me/Do the same shit to you.” Even stronger is a skit where you can hear the young Lousiana MC freestyling in the studio. Huge loss.

Still “The End (Outro)” ensures us that Meek’s gonna carry on. The self-proclaimed Last of The Street Niggas has more dreams filled with big money schemes. You can’t knock the hustle.—YN

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  • Dashing28

    Yes! Definitely better than Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap…
    said no one ever.

    • word

      rapradar is officially fucking STUPID

  • BillyBobJohn

    rr cant have a best of list without some MMG

  • DaTruph

    This review is actually pretty good and makes me wanna listen to this tape. But, damn, Big Homie and B.Dot still ain’t learn how to write a proper review. Step your game up, for real!

  • RTH

    EASILY the worst of his dreamchaser series. gave it one listen and never thought about it again. good work RR

    • Rick DeHonney

      exactly…… shit had ZERO replay value. I actually forgot this came out this year.

  • Fistacuffs

    Hahahahahahahahha. This is above Acid Rap?! Hahhahahaha

  • Public Hairs

    YN straight used “You cant knock the hustle” twice in the same day in two different posts. DICK.RIDER.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Meeks career is over. Im done w/rr Dreamchasers better then Crenshaw FOH

  • This mixtape sucked ass!!! Its the most forgettable of ’13

  • jay

    as soon as i saw this at #5 i laughed. Pitchfork has there 50 best albums of the year list and they put this at number 9. thats number 9 album of the year of any musical category period. The only mixtape featured on the list as well. so how the fuck can it be the 5th best mixtape of the year.

    • jay

      sorry pitchfork has Acid Rap at 12. my b

  • Rick DeHonney

    Dreamchasers 1- classic. Dreamchasers 2- meh meek you getting repetitive. Dreamchasers 3- more of the same, garbage truck juice, weedplate status, etc. Rap radar has to be trollin….

  • noguv

    htf is this better then ACID RAP??

  • YallAreSomeWeirdos

    WRATH OF CAIN shits all over this tho

  • Keith Waiters


  • Al

    They are good but fabulous soul tape series is better and Lloyd banks mixtape fno and cold corner shit on dream chasers all day

    • mac

      i gave lloyd bank lotta credit, he bring the real meaning back to the concept of hip hop that is talking about issues going on in the community.

  • Matt

    Negative this mixtape can’t top neither dreamchaser 1 and 2

  • mac

    This mixtape has great beat selection. But lyrics are weak and repetitious. Meek has no variety in rapping skill. i’m surprise he still on people’s mind.

  • How do you have this, and no “New Jet City” that joint was pretty much
    an album; production quality, songs, lyrics, EVERYTHING! It shitted on the majority of whats on this list. Meek can’t carry a mixtape, let alone an album. Curren$y got robbed.

  • GuestList

    Honestly speaking, the good songs on here are actually good…. Just that the bad ones are ….. Let’s just keep it at that