’13 Best Mixtapes #5: Chance The Rapper Acid Rap

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 8, 2014 @ 2:00 PM EDT

Good Chance.

This one is quite a polarizing release for the Rap Radar staff. Well fellas whether you like it or not, Acid Rap is the most-acclaimed mixtape of the year. It’s made the Chicago MC, a magazine cover star and the hottest free agent in this business of rap. That’s all pretty good for a kid on his second mixtape.

Paying homage to his hometown, Chance effectively samples a Kanye mixtape interlude on the opening “Good Ass Intro”. Even more appealing is the hidden track found on track two called “Paranoia” where Chance details the drama in his environment: “They murking kids, they murder kids here/Why you think they don’t talk about it?/They deserted us here/Where the fuck is Matt Lauer at?/Somebody get Katie Couric here.”

A few guests appear to help keep things moving. Childish Gambino asserts his acting/MC chops on “Favorite Song.” He says, “As God as my witness, this Will Smith spit real shit.” Action Bronson brings his talents to the stream of conscience song, “NaNa”. Bam Bam boasts, “Introducin, it’s Bronsonlino/With my hair slicked back, I look like Rick Pitino.” And TDE’s Ab-Soul gets nasty on “Smoke Again”: “No doubt like Gwen Stefani’s group/Let me put my mouth where you potty, boo.”

Still Mr. Bennett remains the master of ceremonies as evidenced by “Acid Rain.” Getting his Drizzy Drake on he raps sharply before breaking into song at the end. He sings, “I am a new man, I am sanctified/Oh I am holy, I have been baptized/I have been born again/I am the white light.”

There’s no denying that Chance brought a much-needed burst of new energy to the rap game. Just check the closer “Everything’s Good” to hear him showcase his many styles which I’m sure we’ll be experiencing for at least the next few years to come.—YN

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  • BillyBobJohn

    lol if you put a mmg mixtape over this OMG SMH YOUR DONE

  • 2 cents

    HOW THE FUCK IS THIS NOT #1!? These lists are so off-base. But there are a lot of Chance haters, so I guess it’s easier for RR to shaft him at number 5 instead of putting up with all the BS. Can’t please everybody, but you gotta give respect where respect is due for some respect in return

  • Fistacuffs

    #5?! Is this a joke?

  • Dashing28

    I think I get it now, which is good because it’ll make these lists even less relevant to me.
    RR has no consistent criteria to judge anything? It’s simply supposed to be what YN and B.Dot (and I guess Big Homie?) personally liked and not a reflection of what actually impacted the culture and resonated with people the most. If that’s the case, then cool.
    If not though, you’re going to really say that there were 4 mixtapes better than this that came out this year? Or more impactful? It’s arguably the best rap release (including albums) to come out all year. It’s like a damn album. Cohesion, lyrics, actual songs, beats that were refreshing (old school, but with a new twist). This mixtape propelled Chance to open for Macklemore, Kendrick, Eminem all in the same year. 2 magazine covers with just him. He leapfrogged over everybody this year to be one of the most talked about MCs, but there are 4 other mixtapes better than it?
    Eager to see which 4. I’m guessing Action Bronson Blue Chips 2 is one of them, which I don’t agree with, but could vaguely understand, but the other 3? Better not be Meek on that same shit that he (and everyone else in the industry) always does.

  • Word

    If this was only 5, I’m DYING to see what number 1 is. Probably some MMG or OVO related project.

  • adrianEufracio

    This is rap radars list. No one elses. It does not confirm anything. Its what the people at Rap Radar like. When we look back five years from now I doubt anyone is going to say Meeks mixtape is better than Chance’s.

  • RealNinja

    LMAO, yall please get off Chance’s dick. I fucks w/ this mixtape through and through, it’s good but HEAVILY overrated.


      Finally somebody speaking the truth. Shit was good but it wasn’t GREAT. The only reason he is everywhere is because he is young and marketable. Run The Jewels easily trumps this mixtape.

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      Thank you my ninja!!!!

  • kinghenry

    I’d have more respect if they didn’t place him at all, they obviously dislike this tape but felt obliged to place it somewhere in the list

  • stacks

    so you mean to tell me that AB mixtape was better then Nipsey Hussle?
    Serious Face

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Grown men really on here throwing hissy fits & writing 4 page letters cause their fav artist mixtape not number one hahahaha Seriously y’all should be happy they even placed him on the list. I’m sure Chance will appreciate the spot & look at this as a sign to go even harder.

  • LeoGee

    And Rap Radar once again fails to surprise anyone….

  • YallAreWeirdos


  • RBS

    This list loses all credibility simply based on Acid Rap not being #1 or #2 at the worst… Fucking #5?!

  • KingChandler

    Couldn’t get on the bandwagon with this dude, tried real hard too but his whiny delivery is annoying to the point where I can’t even focus on the bars. We all know a lot of artists voices and delivery change up as they progress with their career so maybe in a couple years he’ll be at a tolerable level for me but right now I can’t fuck with it.

  • IV

    Yeah RapRadar you’re super sus for this. Everyone knows this was the most dominating Mixtape of the year (musically and impact-wise). For the sake of creating controversy and stirring the pot, i assume is the reason for creating these dumb lists. I’m not mad, I’m just thinking, “why ding your credibility like that when you can actually help steer the culture where it’s inevitably going?” Idk. Maybe you don’t want rappers like this one to hold the mantle. But it’s coming… I’m sorry but blame Kanye for that.

    And true, no blog is perfect of course. But you guys can do a much better job promoting what is really tapping into the culture nowadays. Be more Fab 5 Freddy and less Perez Hilton please?