’13 Best Mixtapes #6: Grand Hustle G.D.O.D.

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 8, 2014 @ 1:00 PM EST

Dough Or Die.

T.I. is a free agent and until these labels get their paper up to his standards, he’s gonna offset the “Blurred Lines” appearances by feeding the underground. And you know The Kang doesn’t roll alone. He’s got a crew behind him. Released this past May, the Get Dough Or Die mixtape showcases a wide array of talent all in business with Mr. Harris.

Setting the tone on the excellent “Err-Body”, Cliff lets it be known that he’s not crying over spilled milk. “Don’t ask me nothing about Yung LA/I don’t know the nigga/That’s Dro’s dawg,” he jokes before stating his case. “Only signed that nigga cause he had that song/Thought he was that nigga but I had that wrong/Had I known what I know/I’d a left that alone.” Yikes.

Keeping it in the family, B.o.B. produces and appears on the rowdy “Problems” which also ironically features West Coast MC Problem who says, “Big stripes like referees but homeboy this is not a game.” This song was the one that made it to the big show with an iTunes release and features a heavy New Orleans vibe.

This sets up perfectly the next song. It’s a full-scale return to the classic No Limit sound with a remake of Mystikal’s “Here I Go”. And you guessed it, the man right chea appears and he reveals, “T.I. sent me a song and said, ‘OG merk that bitch’/He said it real familiar/And it was real familiar/So I lit up and hurt that bitch.”

With more than a little help from his friends, Tip proves that despite the trends, he will remain a force in this culture. And it’s better to be with him that against him. Tell your label boss to take a trip to the bank.—YN

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  • http://tiny.cc/Justp94 Justin T. Poindexter
  • Trillionare

    This tape was trash!!! Doe B’s Baby Jesus and FBG The Movie should be on this list hopefully!!

  • crownK

    This one should be on the top 3 for real ! this crew really underrated

  • Man

    This was a bad (in a bad way) mixtape. Sounded like a bunch of high schoolers.

  • http://Twitter.com/brodiebing Broski 3000

    This mixtape was good!!! It shouldve been an album for real.

    • nirusxhonda

      yeah it always happen the mixtape better than the album i bet this will happen when grand hustle-hustle gang drop an album..http://superkicks88.yourlikes.com/

  • vin

    Definitely should of been top three!