’13 Best Mixtapes #7: Troy Ave New York City

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 8, 2014 @ 12:00 PM EDT

Empire State Of Mind.

Lots of folks we’re complaining about the state of NY hip-hop this year but Troy Ave did something about it. New York City is an ode to the 90′s Big Apple aesthetic but with a new millennial twist. This BK boy got big dreams and he’s got a relentless grind to add on to his hometown’s legacy.

They always say you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Fittingly Troy pays homage to his Empire State forefathers on the title track. He shares the spotlight with Raekwon, N.O.R.E. and after quoting Prodigy in his verse, he lets the Mobb Deep MC close the song. Inspired by 50 Cent, Troy also enlists Tony Yayo for the club-friendly “Show Me Love.” Brooklyn-Queens connection, son.

But NYC ain’t guest heavy. Troy carries his own weight and has earned his spot as the man of the hour. “Classic Feel” will have you diddy bopping down the project hallways. Plus, it’s hard not to head nod and zone out to “Cigar Smoke”. The bars here are crispier than four chicken wings from the Chinese spot on the corner. “My style was never determined by mics in The Source/ Been fly since dollar fries with ketchup and hot sauce.” Dig in.

Don’t get it twisted, New York hasn’t returned to being the most prominent on the map yet but with Troy leading the pack—things are looking up. You can’t knock his hustle.—YN

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  • Dashing28

    This was cool although is it an album or mixtape?

    Fabolous, Soul Tape 3
    Pusha T, Wrath of Caine
    Rapsody, She’s Got Game (come on, she just took a picture with Hov. She’s not too “underground” for y’all)
    Vic Mensa, Innanetape. (slim chances that RR will post although the tape is incredible)
    Action Bronson, Blue Chips 2
    Chance the Rapper, Acid Rap better be #1 despite B.Dot’s hating.

  • BillyBobJohn


  • Respect

    Stop tryna force us to like this nigga

    • areal1

      Agree with you 100% seems like he being forced upon us especially in ny hes ok but hes def not a ny rap savior or makin classic albums according to him plus it just seems like he tries too hard to portray an image

      • LuckyP757

        force? nigga this shit is good. fuck is y’all listening to nowadays?? be real what ny niggas is going in FOR REAL! Excluding jay.

        • areal1

          STOP nigga he from bk and niggaz in the STREETS ain’t waving the flag for him in bk like they are for push or if you talkin the hipster crowd then it’s joey badass asap ferg and nast action bronson come on stop my g im OUT HERE like for real im just sayin I like some his shit but hes not that one savior that’s all I’m sayin

  • D.Parker

    Nice tape, but it’s not in the top ten mixtapes this year. Top of that you put it ahead of crenshaw? Knock it the fu*k off

  • b

    i wanna see bronsolino in that #1 spot

  • MoneyNels

    You mother Fuckers don’t have a Fucking Clue. This is The best body of work in 2013. Let me Guess if Maybe if Troy would of featured Ross, Gunplay,Torch,young breed, and Stalley you might have given him #1…You Mothafuckers make me sick

    • LuckyP757

      fan tell em again ! they aint even listen to the tape and they talking crazy. i aint gonna lie i was skeptical of the nigga but i gave this one an ear and its NO SKIPS! should be higher than this spot

      • Yacht

        Same here. He earned his this time around, lived up too the hype

  • Public Hairs

    But it says “The Album” on the cover. This was a mixtape?

    • nicoswebaby

      Yeah, what’s that about? He released this album before the mixtape which is called “White Christmas 2”. RR keep fuckin up huh

    • Coney

      He released it on iTunes and Live Mixtapes so it can be classified in both categories

  • Mylo

    No banks? Foh

  • mac

    it’s being years since i’ve an entire album, track for track, Troy delivered a great old new york album with that new fresh feel( I’m in the south). Great lyrics, humorous at time, nice beat selection. if this dude stay focus he gonna be here for years to come.