’13 Best R&B Albums #1: Beyonce Beyonce

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 8, 2014 @ 6:22 PM EDT

All Hail The Queen.

A press release? Negro please. It’s a brand new day. And with #newrules in full swing, Mrs. Carter employed the element of surprise to release her fifth solo album, BEYONCÉ.  The self-titled project bids adieu to the girl next door and introduces us to an unapologetic grown ass woman.

Bey explores her sexuality on the intoxicating “Drunk In Love” , “Blow”, and “Partition”. On the latter, she sings “He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse/He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.

But Bey ain’t all raunch. She mends broken hearts on “XO”, all the while, reinforcing her own (“Mine”). Girl power is still high on Bey’s priority list and she empowers her core with the anthemic, “Flawless”. Got damn, got damn, Yoncé does it again. —Big Homie

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  • Sam Robilotta


  • chris

    All hail Queen Bey!


    What the Fuck does this have to do with “RAP” ??

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Elliott Wilson stay riding jay z dick!!

  • Sean Power

    this should even be a debate if YN got any other list wrong he got this right bey started year with presidents inauguration sign the anthem locked the super bowl and show power with album out no where she clear had best year

    • Hussle

      its not a MVP title…its a “best rnb albums” list. so your post is irrelevant

      • Sean Power

        the album broke records, the numbers don’t lie

        • Caesar

          It says best album, not most selling

  • CJ

    Wow cant believe they think this better then John Legend Love in the Future.. smh it didnt even make the list at that



  • Sarai Dad
  • brza

    where is The Weeknd’s “Kiss Land” on this list?! that album was dope

    • Sean Power

      in the trash where it should be

      • Sam Robilotta

        Haters never prosper. That’s why u sittin home hatin on posts.

        • sean

          giving a option is hating ? if think its trash that hate one man garbage is another man gold i didn’t diss personal i just said his album was trash

          • Ricky Retardo

            hes album was trash. even that drake feat didn’t help him with me. never was a fan of him to begin with but i liked what he did on other peoples songs. he should stick to doing features and be the new nate dog for emo rap

          • Sam Robilotta

            saying it’s trash is hating

          • Sam Robilotta

            saying I’m not feelin it, that’s an opinion.

      • brza

        fair enough

    • JoeyDiame

      …—goo.gl/HaJi3h (Home more)

    • nicoswebaby

      He should’ve split ‘Trilogy’ and he would have two absolute fire albums, ‘Kiss Land’ was the greatest dissapointment.

      • brza

        but Trilogy was was a collective of 3 mixtapes released prior to 2013 but excellent music nonetheless

      • Beyond8Infinity

        Kiss Land is his best album. His mixtape had the hits, i’ll give you that. People don’t listen to albums anymore tho. They just want singles

  • AJX

    So mad Nothing was the same is not top of this list. Bull shit!!

  • BillyBobJohn

    i wonder if she wasnt married to their idol would they treat her the same i dont think so

  • Nickey Negrito

    Her album ain’t messing with Black Panties. That album is crazy!

    • nicoswebaby

      Please, I’ve listened more to Black Panties, actually only heard a snippet of Bey’s new, and if her album is worse than that, I don’t know what.

    • Sam Robilotta

      k you go listen to that kitty porn lover

      • Nickey Negrito

        I sure will. Thanks for the advice. Live ya life Sam.

    • Nikki

      Yep, I’ve been playing the album nonstop since I bought it. Love Letter and Write Me Back were cool, but Kellz went back to his roots on this one.

      • Nickey Negrito

        Yes Yes. …. it’s a great album. All the songs are banging. People are truly sleeping on it. Legs Shaking is crazy!

  • Sam Robilotta

    Ready for this one … bring the hate, bring the ‘you a fag’ comments, bring whatever the fuck yall want, BUT the best R&B cd of the year came at the end of the year and half of you prolly didn’t even listen to it cause it came from a white teenager. I know Elliot knows who I’m talking about. Like if you agree, leave your hating comment if you don’t.

  • mac

    Not much a bey fan. But this album is by far bey’s best..she sounds more genuine and free with her self-expression. The meaning of art. two thumbs up.

  • Album was out all of 2 weeks of 2013 and it got #1 album of the year? Cold game. Y’all ain’t even let the thing breathe before you start passing out awards for it.