’13 Best R&B Albums #2: Mack Wilds New York: A Love Story

Written By: @BdotTM January 8, 2014 @ 5:30 PM EDT

Welcome To New York.

The New York state of mind is a period of reflection, characterized by hometown heroes like Billy Joel and Nas. Staten Island’s Mack Wilds found himself in a similar headspace last year on his Grammy-nominated debut, New York: A Love Story.

Produced majorly by Salaam Remi, the album is a throwback to New York City’s golden era. Leaning heavily on indigenous breaks, the project evokes a nostalgia that hasn’t been packaged since Ron G’s heyday.

Mack begins his love affair in the slums of Shaolin with Method Man on “Wild Things”. From there, his buttery croons are sequenced in perfect formation. Mobb Deep’s “Burn” is fluid on “Henny” and “Remember The Time”, while lead single “Own It”, reupholsters “Eric B For President’s” boom bap.

Vocally, Mack emits a cool that’s reminiscent of Maxwell and Lauryn’s formative years. He showcases this dexterity on songs like “MaGic!!!”, “Keepin It Real” and steamy “Don’t Turn Me Down”.

Through it all, New York: A Love Story serves as a ripe backdrop for the Rotten Apple. For a city with 8 million tales, Mack told the best one.—B.Dot

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  • Sam Robilotta

    ookay so this is suppose to be better then The Dream? Who the hell is this again cause I never heard of them. * < Dream

    • Sam Robilotta

      ok just looked it up, I must say this song is dope

      • Sam Robilotta

        aight I’m now a fan

    • Re-yo

      Dead @ you acting like you knew everything before even listening!

      • Sam Robilotta

        yeah but at least I admitted it and didn’t keep hating on it. It’s pretty good. pz

  • You have no credibility

    Lol this is to funny. B dots been promoting these guy like them White boys.

    • Sam Robilotta

      that’s funny how? you have credibility? okay.

  • jay

    this was real dope album but not above Jhene Aiko or Janelle Monae

  • Noble

    I agree! His album was 1 of the best along with Tamar’s album & Kelly Rowland

  • Kdnaomi

    Love this album!! After hearing ‘Own it’ I needed to hear the whole album and it is GOOOD! He really did a good job, I pray he will continue!!

  • xiomaraluv

    I have to say I don’t usually buy albums but I am so glad I bought this one everything on this was well put together I literally just press play and listen to this whole album without skipping a track! I’ve been a fan for years bc of his acting but his music is just amazing! #wildthings

  • unbelievable1

    Raheem Devaughn should be #2

  • malibu

    Great production on this album. wish NY rappers would take a que from Mack Wilds.

  • Young Neek

    Mack wilds album best album in 2013 ,

  • Steffens

    This is #1 In my book!

  • Iam ill will

    I like Michael Jackson remember the time remix

  • TruthGod

    fam drop a good album

    check the soundz


  • Dilla

    How isn’t Kiss Land on here?