’13 Best Singles #10: French Montana “Ain’t Worried About Nothin”

Written By: @Elliottwilson January 9, 2014 @ 9:00 AM EDT

No Problem.

They said French couldn’t make hits on his own? Boy was they wrong. Over Rico Love and company’s jingling backdrop, Montana masterfully turns a hook into pretty much a full song.“Ridin round with that work, strapped up with that Nina/Got two bad bitches with me, molly and Aquafina/Money don’t mean nothing/Niggas don’t feel you when they see you/My whole hood love me, but now a nigga wanna touch me.” Wait there’s some further insight provided. French reiterates that he isn’t afraid to drive through his old Bronx neighborhood and Max B’s conviction still bothers him. Keep going, my guy.—YN

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  • Kaybee

    This list is trash.

  • disqus_SJNSg4LMQI

    Most of the lists are trash. Worst part is the structure. Trying to get extra clicks.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    This dude is garbage and will be forgotten in 2014 hopefully.

    • french wackness

      that song is trash. think diddy spent a mill pushing that song to radio.

      saying that i seen a video on forbez dvd that says money dont get you airplay….its something else……

      french is garbage and his album went triple wood.

      nobody wants another compilation album from that trash.

      french is a posse jumper and dickrider.

      yeah he can make a song by himself…but they garbage…hang it up.

      • bigfoot2011

        His album did the same numbers as brittany spears, 2 chainz and big Sean new albums. Foh

  • OuTLaW

    This song is awful. i couldn’t even get pass the first minute of it.

  • Keith Waiters

    he came a long way…this Ain’t Worried About Nothing single is all dhatt !! glad he in that top 13,he’s a hella dope artist…y’all hating azz niggahz get off his dick….hating azz MF’erz….he makes the best club bangerz….everybody get they chance to shine…and it’s his turn…!!!!

    • nicoswebaby

      you obviously never heard a good track in your whole life.

  • Coney

    I really hate the way you guys are doing this. One post is top mixtape, next post is top R&B album, next post is top single, then back to top mixtape. Its all over the place. Just countdown one category at time. Jesus

  • BillyBobJohn

    this is garbage. it seems Elliott only cares about being down with the kids. i know damn well a 40 plus man doesn’t listen to this and say DAMN THIS A HOT.

  • draws

    this shit was one the most annoying song I have ever heard

  • Ryan

    Every track doesn’t have to be lyrical or ground breaking. Have you never been out one night feeling yourself and this shit came on? Ya’ll niggas is obviously worried about something!

    • sway-z

      Most niggas commenting on here don’t go out, lol, that’s the problem. French sucks, we all know that, he probably does too. But that don’t mean you can’t make a dope song once in awhile, even if it’s some knock-off Lil Wayne shit…

  • Belize

    2013 will be the year RR went hollywood ala YN’s last years with XXL. Traits nigga

  • JD

    wasn’t feel in it. There has to be a limit to how repetitive you can be and still be called an artist.