’13 Best Singles #2: J.Cole x Miguel “Power Trip”

Written By: @BdotTM January 9, 2014 @ 5:00 PM EDT

Power Up.

Emotions run high as J.Cole turns a fatal attraction into one of the year’s biggest hits. With a stuttering bass line and Miguel on hook duties, Jermaine lets his obsession get the best of him.

At one point even admitting, “Love is a drug like the strongest stuff ever/And fuck it, ‘I’m on one'”. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but “Power Trip” proved to be the catch of the day.—B.Dot

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  • Dashing28

    Yup, deserves to be on here. This song went in. Shouldn’t have been on the best beats list though.

    #1 to Jay and Rick Ross? or Jay and JT?

  • Smh

    Man you guys have got to stop being so biased your only hurting your brand and credibility So now Jay and Ross are gonna be no 1 killing 2 birds with 1 stone sooo predictable

  • DaTruph

    this song is still hot!

  • Jinx

    Single of the Year!!!
    Stop Hating & Let Hardwork PayOff
    Radio Still Spinning This Hot Record.

  • Started #1

  • fist

    Yes! Cole deserves this. Getting overlooked everywhere

  • sway-z

    Can’t stand how some of you niggas on here swallow this dude so much, it’s like reactionary Drake shit because Cole definitely ain’t all that.


    This song is hot, one of the hottest things he’s ever put out, and definitely one of the top singles from ’13

  • mac

    J.Cole is great at what he does.. but he sampled to much. I want to hear from original stuff from him. Otherwise bright future.

  • TruthGod

    dope song and video and he repersenting Nawf-Katt big ups to him

    check thee soundz


  • pickaname

    cole getting overlooked everywhere man. shit was dope. still hot