’13 Disappointing Albums #1: Big Sean Hall Of Fame

Written By: @BdotTM January 6, 2014 @ 6:30 PM EDT

Oh God!

The Hall Of Fame is reserved for an elite class of individuals. So when Big Sean based his sophomore set on the proclamation, the move appeared more pretentious than ambitious.

It’s not like Sean hasn’t paid his dues. He’s worked hard to get here and at every opportunity, he likes to reminds us. He sets the tone this way on his opening number, “Nothing Is Stopping You” where he spits, “I wanted to be in them night clubs and not all off in that night school/ So me and my niggas real life’d it, every week we did them cyphers.” His drive can even be traced back to his former jalopy,  “Getting paid like we seventy/ Use to roll around in that Toyota rolling seven deep, damn .” (“Toyota Music “).

But the road to success is a bumpy ride and Sean’s journey is far from smooth. He misses the mark on “First Chain”, a redundant theme used by his peers J.Cole and Wale. In terms of commercial viability, “Fire” and “Beware” fail to recapture the magic of his previous singles on Finally Famous.

Ultimately, the biggest flaw on Hall Of Fame however was one of its most impactful moments didn’t even make the cut. Sean’s leaked posse cut “Control” featuring Kendrick Lamar and  Jay Electronica should’ve been the album’s centerpiece. Not only did Kendrick’s “Calling Out Names”-inspired bars shake up the game, but it paralyzed time.

Big Sean’s got a long way to go until he reaches hip-hop’s hallowed halls. But there’s no doubt there’s still some game left in this Detroit player.—B.Dot

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  • Public Hairs

    Again, idk anyone that was expecting this album to be something grand.

    • Tec1Nyc

      Exactly what i thought..

  • fuck c tha god i am god

    even kanye said this shit was whack, i’m sure he gonna come back strong though

    • polopolo1

      No he didnt, he just said some of the songs were trying too hard to be mainstream

  • King Drew

    DAMN BOI!!! He fell off thats what happened

  • Devin Middleton

    I think you need to re-listen to those First Chain verses.

    • IV

      Verse was hot. Song was EHH

      • Big Nee

        FOH that song was fire…..why do people sleep on Big Sean’s music so heavily?

  • Donn

    YEa I’m sorry if you sit back and listen to that nigga’s lyrics he kicks some real shit everytime. Like I’m sorry, I totally disagree, from the first album to this, you can see the progression the skill.

  • fenom

    What about “World Ablaze” or “All Figured Out”? Big Sean talks some of the realest shit.

  • Gin Ichimaru

    Biggest mistake of his career was not putting “Control” on the album. You MAKE time to get that song on there.

    • Tyler O’Donnell

      he wanted to, but he couldn’t get the samples cleared

  • veesky

    I agree with some of the other commenters in that Sean definitely has some potent content from time to time but I think overall the album was disappointing. Didn’t have much replay value for me…and I think I speak for myself and many others who were expecting something MUCH better, after his “Detroit” mixtape. He failed to fully capitalize on that momentum

  • Viva La Raza

    Big Sean bores me….hes got a few lines here and there but he is lame. Rather listen to Sean Price or Jeezy.

  • Dashing28

    Was less disappointing than Wayne’s album though. the bar is higher for Wayne and he really phones it in. Take Future, Detail, Drake and 2 Chainz off that album and it’s unlistenable. This album was disapointing to be sure, but not as much as Wayne’s.

    • The Truth

      Waynes album was 1000% better than this weed plate!

      • Dashing28

        Nah dude, it really wasn’t. Wayne’s album is unlistenable. And his bars hav turned into a parody of himself. This is coming from a Wayne fan.

      • It’s Just Music

        dude you are fucking crazy lol

        I am a HUGE Wayne fan and that album was horrible man except for the Intro song which he slaughtered, but that was about it. It’s sad cause I actually wanted to like it.

        Sean will be fine man. He has ambition to be great and better, and he will definetly get there.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Perfect. Big Sean should have put control on the album! But the album was highly garbage!

  • Word

    I don’t understand because this album was very solid to me he had some great cuts on this. Regardless if First Chain is a tired theme, it was the best executed song between Chaining Day and Chain Music. Then you have songs like World Ablaze and All Figured Out. Sure there’s some throwaways like MILF, Toyota Music, 10 to 10, but overall the album was solid. You’ll only be disappointed if you look at the sales. This wasn’t better than his Detroit mixtape but it wasn’t horrible either.

    • jigga

      I f%&k with “Toyota Music” and “10 2 10” though

  • Grammar Nazi

    In the form of a title, “Of” becomes lower case “of” aka “Hall of Fame.” Dick face. Get ya grammar straight.

  • Shyne Tyme

    i think the reason people were so disappointed is because leading up to the album, his feature game was on point. Everyone knows his entire verse of Clique and Mercy and he absolutely killed Burn with Meek Mill. Also, the Detroit mixtape was great.Not a bad album, but I was expecting way better.

  • BlackAnastasia

    Big Yawn’s first album was Waco also.

  • Co

    This is just wrong but i mean hey everybody is entitled to their opinion and this one is phony lol #dopeassalbum

  • Nah’mean

    Big sean got lyrics for sure but he doesn’t know how to pick beats for himself, like his great on other people beats selection like “Mercy” or “Burn” and very boring on his own.

  • RIV

    This album was the best album of 2013. F*ck that.

    • Abe6772

      according to who?

  • JD

    Ultimately, the biggest flaw on Hall Of Fame didn’t even make the cut.

    I can only assume this was written incorrectly.

  • desus

    I’m not sure what people wanted or expected from Big Sean on this album but I’d have to completely disagree with this choice. I didn’t even like Big Sean’s first album or anything really leading up to Hall Of Fame but I sat back and kicked it with this album and was pleasantly surprised. Although I didn’t find myself returning to it.

  • Da Business

    Such a let down

  • This video won’t disappoint. New twin rap duo out the midwest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9YxNzKKNZc

  • industryleak

    this album would have been completely different had control and show out ft juicy j and jeezy made it… but after jeezy decided that he was going to use the song for a mixtape instead of an album juicy j scooped it up before Sean had the chance… trust me I was there… Sean wanted that record but wasn’t quick enough… put control and show out as the 2 singles and this album does 120k instead of 85 first week

  • Kevin Banks

    I would say Big Sean has shown major improvement since his debut album as far as I’ve seen in hip hop the more lyrical you become the less you sell

  • @z28chucho

    kanye was heated about that ish too he briefly speaks on it in the interview with sway

  • CB

    There are more people are commenting on this post then people who went out and bought the album

  • Myke Wayne

    100% agreed.
    Great mixtapes every time but album was flat as hell.
    This guy is one of my favorite rappers, has the whole package but the albums…

  • Percival Molina

    i don’t know about everyone else but mostly every track on here goes hard!! he got some inspiring shit, some real shit, nice beats. this is one of my fav albums of 2013 .. this album make you wanna chase your dreams n shit wale should of been #1 disappointment

  • brza

    this album was a swing and a miss imo

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


  • KingOfThingz

    The anticipation Big Sean created from the mixtape Detriot, and interviews I believe was going to do it BIG. But it was a BIG letdown. I agree B-Dot

  • hustler-187

    i loved the album. overall it was great.

    ^ this song is awesome

  • mac

    On this album they put the worst single out and did not connect. This album did not have the swag of the first one. It sounded more like his mixtape..with that heavy drums and those 808, along with the same rhymes. Nothing really in this project.

  • Big Nee

    COMPLETELY COMPLETELY DISAGREE this is a slap in Big Seans face for a solid body of work he put together

  • played yourself

    yeah there is a reason nobody is checking for the rap radar review

  • NormenBatez

    I don’t understand the logic in letting the centerpiece of Big Sean’s album be a verse from Kendrick Lamar, thats counterintuitive. Hey, everyone buy Big Sean’s album for a Kendrick Lamar verse. I think keeping the song off the album was a necessary evil because you want the album to spotlight Big Sean.

    Personally, I thought it was a decent album but it didn’t have any landmark tracks, nothing that would make me go back and actually listen to the album again. I downloaded it, gave it two or three play throughs, and totally forgot about it a week later.

  • JADatsyuk

    I’ll agree with most disappointing to a certain point. Personally I thought Detroit mixtape was better, just thought this lacked replay value. There’s definitely some dope tracks on it though. Just thought Sean kinda killed the momentum from Detroit with this album.

  • noguv

    were we listening to the same album??

  • noguv

    10 2 10? nothing is stopping you? first chain? fire? world ablaze? sierra leone? ashley? c’mon


    k bull shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt review. I also knew rap radar had an issue with Sean. So bias.

    BIg Sean’s Hall of FAME is easily top 3 hottest albums of 2013, drakes #1 then Big Sean. This album offers everything, EVERYTHING. But hey, PPL are stupid. Like WTF more do you want. It kills Yeezus, MCHG, Wale’s LP, Juicy J’s LP, Macklemores LP and he shoulda been nominated for a grammy for something. I’ll admit some of the singles were bad choices compared to the rest of the work on his album. If sean has to take the L for worst album, lets give him the Win for best feature of 2013 and 2012. He BODiES everybody on records. The new luda. O God.



  • JD

    I fall asleep reading about Big Sean. #Boringassrapper

  • Ibrahima Niang


  • Opinion

    I disagree with this.
    nuff said

  • Baller

    Idk what this “reviewer” is talking about its a really good album with hard beats

  • Shay Avig

    you went to hard on him man
    it isnt the best album and i realy want it to be better but it is still a good one
    i think he need to drop a new one soon before evrybody forget him

  • Marcus Frost

    I hate when people talk shit about big sean. Im not trynna d*** ride but hes in my opinion, one of the best rappers in mainstream hiphop.

  • Fck boy

    It’s my favorite album who the fuck wrote this?