’13 Disappointing Albums #3: Tyga Hotel California

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 6, 2014 @ 4:30 PM EDT

What Time’s Check Out?

If you were looking for a 5 star skyrise, chances are you didn’t find it on Tyga’s sophomore set, Hotel California (Sorry Eagles). Even with star-studded guests checking in, Tyga failed to offer anything new from his previous effort.

There’s several lackluster moments like the controversial-titled “Hit Em Up” (Jadakiss), the dry “It Neva Rains” (Game) and “500 Degrees” (Lil Wayne). Things get upgraded a bit on the album’s best moment, “Dope” (Rick Ross) thanks to the “Deep Cover”-sample.

But that’s the exception to the rule. Future drowns Tyga out on “Show You”, and not even 2 Chainz can take things over on “Hijack”. And what’s worst than the overly used Molly references? How about the track, “Molly”? Nothing lovely about this place.— Big Homie

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  • Co

    Damn lol

  • Asianhomie

    Ha ha big homie listens to Tyga. That explains a lot.

  • yup is a disapponting album

    Careless World was dope

  • Dashing28

    Again. Can it be disappointing if no one had any expectations of it being any good? “Faded” and “Rack City” do not a star make.

    • Word

      I think RR is on its way to possibly its worst list its put out.

  • Myke Wayne

    Very disappointing. I spotify’d it the first day to the dismay of many who follow my list. I hold out hope for him because I see glimpses here and there but this was a quick cash grab. You’re better than this dude

  • Word

    How can it be disappointing if there were no high expectations? I didn’t even know this came out.

  • fuck c tha god i am god

    i’ll pay $10 for this guy to retire though

  • IG: claytondadon

    totally agree but the last well done is dope.. i cant understand how rappers make great mixtapes nowadays but not album… the motive is feeding the streets and the streets cant be feeded with classics dats what they cant understand and thats why i support 2chainz

  • dsunn

    how stoopid.
    big sean , 2chains and tyga….who didn’t know they was trash????
    only ppl that didn’t know this was this kiss ass website that promotes whatever is somewhat popular. if its popular it doesn’t mean its dope…just ask future

  • Rumando

    Tyga is another Cash Money artist tax right off who will soon have no more money to trick on Blac Chyna with

  • Brandon Pitts

    I hate tyga but this album was kinda good

  • CB

    I didn’t even know this shit came out, thought for sure it was still in push back mode. Can’t be any worse than that Coconut Juice album tho

  • Sam Robilotta

    disagree with this one, actually liked this cd

  • Shady Dawg

    lmao this album was terrible. but what do you expect from a awful artist like him? and from a terrible label

  • John Jay

    And he made the mistake of knocking up a stripper….(long sigh)

  • mac

    tyga is only hanging by a thread. he’s as childish as his lyrics. That’s ok, a few months from now we won’t remember him.