’13 Disappointing Albums #4: Goodie Mob Age Against The Machine

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 6, 2014 @ 3:33 PM EDT

Reunited & It Feels Dissatisfying.

It’s been 14 years since the Goodie Mob including Cee Lo released an album, and after a few false starts, the quartet reunited and finally released their fifth studio work, Age Against The Machine.

Noticeably in need of some of the Dungeon Family sound throughout, “I’m Set” and “Pinstripes” may be the closest the fans will get. However, once you walk into the futuristic sounds of “Power”, “Nexperience” and “Ghost Of Gloria Goodchild”, things go downhill from there.

If you disagree, then stay around for “Amy” and “Come As You Are”. Seems like the good ol’ mob has stepped too far our their comfort zone. Now that that’s out the way, soul food, anyone?—Big Homie

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  • marty mcfly

    Ya’ll trippin. This is a dope album

  • fox

    BULLSHIT! This album is dope!!

    • RBS


  • eastpointvet

    i cosign this 100% its a ceelo featuring the goodie mob as guest album. it was forgotten as quickly as it came when they could have just given us that dungeon family sound we expected and it would have reached a much wider audience or at least appeased the core audience which now they have turned away.

    • Brandon Pitts

      My ninja I was just about to type the same shit till I read your comment

    • marty mcfly

      The Dungeon Family sound in 2013? Chances are that sound is completely different now or doesn’t even exist anymore.

  • Myke Wayne

    Had no expectations for this and never checked it out. No thanks but great show last year in L.A.at Club Nokia

  • RBS

    Yea as a longtime devout Dungeon Family/Goodie Mob supporter, this shit hurt my soul. Garbage.

  • Sadly, didn’t even know this shit DROPPED yet. SMH

  • mac

    it’s like these old heads forgot how to rap. ceelo need to stay singing.

  • SnkyPetePuma17

    Sonic wise i was looking for that Rico Wade, Ray Murray & Sleepy production, problem is Cee-Lo has moved away form that sound with his work with Danger Mouse etc. He wanted to incorporate the sound that he felt would speak to today if he was going to participate on the project, pep that he produced some of the tracks plus he most likely spent $ on the project too. Problem is most outside the “True HipHop heads” hasn’t heard him with the Mob, only know the highly successful songs he created without them. That direction alienated their core fans expecting the return to harder hitting production and thought provoking lyrics was extremely disappointed. Maybe the next (and last) project will please that fan base, but lyrically the project was on point though, still trying to figure out some of Khujo and T-Mo lyrics..