’13 Underrated Albums #1: Mac Miller Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Written By: @BdotTM January 6, 2014 @ 6:05 PM EDT

Make Some Noise.

June 18, 2013 was a big day for Hip-Hop releases. While Kanye and J.Cole were the more prominent products on the market, Mac Miller quietly released his second LP, Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

The easy Mac with the cheesy raps, showed lyrical growth and sparred with Action Bronson and Loaded Lux on The-Alchemist laced, “Red Dot Music”. Young Malcolm pays homage to his lost friend on “Remember” and faces regrets on “Objects In The Mirror”.

Experimenting with broader sounds, he mans the boards himself as Larry Fisherman on a majority of the project, but it’s “Aquarium” and “Avian” where his alter ego becomes the album’s MVP.

Like most flicks, this soundtrack had its sluggish moments (“Youforia”, “I’m Not Real”), but things pick right back up on the intoxicating “Gees” with ScHoolboy Q, “S.D.S.”, “Watching Movies” and “Goosebumpz”. This one deserves two thumbs up.—B.Dot

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  • deadross

    mac millers trippy album lol

  • Word

    This is, in my opinion, the best album that came out that day. Furthermore, possibly the best album of the year. Mac has come a long way lyrically and creatively. The cut with Bronson and the title track Watching Movies bang if that’s your thing. He has deep retrospective songs like Objects in the Mirror and Remember. He has fun songs like SDS and Geez. It has everything for everybody. Got overshadowed by Cole and Ye but this is the only album from that day I still bump.

  • Batman

    This album was very, very good. People who judge Mac off his previous releases, listen to this and Macadelic and Mac is on another level

  • kinghenry

    plus he got jay elec to kick it which was dope

  • desus

    Absolutely. I know it’s a bit trippy and chill but musically it was one of the best hip-hop releases in 2013. This coming from a person who didn’t like Mac Miller’s music pre Macadelic.

  • Dashing28

    It’s kind of a copout to give this the “most underrated album” rather than just putting it as one the best rap albums of the year period. The joints B. Dot describes as “sluggish” are more inventive and interesting than a lot of the rappers that will be on their best albums list.

    Here’s where I’ll lose a lot of people: of the 3 albums that dropped that day, it was the best, by far. J Cole had the bigger hit records, but a lot of the rest of his album was dull and uninspired.. Ye was the most innovative, I guess, but its also too off putting and left field. But Mac Miller’s was the best album that came out that day and it still sounds good 7 months later because the beats are dope and interesting, the flows and lyrics are on point and Mac Miller more than hold his own next to Earl, Ab Soul, Jay electronica, Tyler, Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson etc.

    RR is a bit predictable though: I bet their top 5 consists of J Cole, Jay z, Eminem, Ye and Drake. or maybe Pusha edges out Cole, but that’ll be the only “surprise”

    And if people forget the big names and just listen to the music, the Mac Miller joint is actually better than most of those 5.

    I also bought Mac Miller’s blue slide park when it came out on the strength of some feedback and thought it was dull and boring. This album honestly surprised the shit outta me. Yeah, it’s underrated, but it should have been lised among the best albums period. Don’t short change him cause it didn’t have a hit single.

    • Mo

      Even though I don’t agree with all that you said, I do agree that Mac Miller’s album is deserving to be on the best albums list. He showed growth and surprised me and I’m sure he surprised a lot of people with his
      album. I think hanging with Odd Future and Black Hippy and them improved his music TBH.

  • Dope cover art. Watch this video new rap duo out the midwest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9YxNzKKNZc

  • Da Business

    Have to go back and re-listen to this joint. I’m not going to lie I skim through it the 1st time.

  • DesiJatt

    fuck this corny ass whiteboy

    • nicoswebaby

      listen to the music instead of hating on a mans skincolor, gees

  • This is the best album that came out that day!!!

  • IG: bd627nola

    Thank you B.Dot! Fucking Thank You! This may have been t housee most underrated album in the last 5 years. Mac Miller delivered one of the better albums of the year with WMWTSO.

  • Brandon

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  • Brandon

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