’13 Underrated Albums #5: Prodigy x The Alchemist Albert Einstein

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 6, 2014 @ 2:01 PM EDT

Scientifically Slept On.

When a producer and a MC connect, there’s often chemistry. And here, Prodigy and The Alchemist follow-up their Return Of The Mac with Albert Einstein. Anchored entirely by The Alchemist’s dark production, Prodigy breaks down his weird science. While Alchemist delivers his signature sound on “Raw Forever” and “IMKDV,” P keeps it thoro on “Give Em Hell”.

P packs heat on “Confessions” while keeping his pockets full on “Dough Pildin”. Even though Prodigy successfully pulls it on his own, he taps guests Roc Marciano (“Death Sentence”), Havoc and Raekwon (“R.I.P.”) and Action Bronson (“Bible Paper”). Tests conclude that, Albert and Al were this year’s quiet storm. —Big Homie

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  • Chronic

    Respect on this one…this and born sinner are like the only 2 albums from ’13 I still listen to

    • polopolo1

      Born sinner was weak. Friday night lights is his best shit so far

      • Mo

        Eh Friday Night Lights was better but Born Sinner is very well put together project. Cohesive body of work. My favorite album of 2013

      • Hussle

        Rich Niggaz alone make the album NOT weak. Villuminati, Power Trip, Born Sinner (song), Runaway. you cant call this album weak

  • BillyBobJohn

    Agreed great album and got very overlooked. But this kind of music just isn’t popular in the mainstream today.

    I hope your best of lists ain’t gonna be the same ol people you love to promote.

    • Public Hairs

      Dude, you KNOW their best of list will be who they promote. YN already said he liked NWTS over MCHG, so you already have the #1 and #2 right there.

      But I will say, 2013 was not a great year for rap in the critically acclaimed aspect. Yea a lot of A-listers dropped but the shit wasn’t insane outside a few singles, but they’ll pose it that way.

  • …thats it?

  • Jcaperello

    my first chemistry set is number 1

  • Dashing28

    Yeah, this was a good album.Not as good as Return of the Mac, but very solid.
    I really hope RR doesn’t screw Mac Miller by putting him on the “underrated albums” rather than the best albums list.
    Other albums that were underrated: Wale the Gifted, Tyler the creator, Childish Gambino…

  • Mo

    Just finished listening to this album for the 1st time. Can’t believe I waited this long to this. Definitely a dope project. ALC production is top notch and Prodigy seemed to have stepped rhyme wise compared to the last few years.

  • The Ghost Of Case 2

    Prodigy is so consistent, even tho this wasnt my favorite release from P..he is solid & always kills it with a CRAZY work ethic.

    and then theres ALC….savage.

    good looking RR on recognizing quality from all that other TRASH you post

  • ciroc
  • Damian Marshall

    ill, i loved this album



  • Tec1Nyc

    Prodigy + Alchemist = Classic material
    I didn’t expect any less but raw material
    History shows these two guys can indeed cause a quiet storm

  • Agreed. Watch new video from rap duo out the midwest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9YxNzKKNZc

  • John Jay

    This album is fuckin ridiculous! I but it for a second time on iTunes right now…