’13 Worst Albums #1: LL Cool J Authentic

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 9, 2014 @ 6:30 PM EDT


You know, it’s hard out here for a vet. And just like his recent efforts, LL continues to tarnish his legacy with more missteps. If authentic hip-hop was what you were looking for, Mr. Smith’s project failed to deliver that and thankfully got lost in the shuffle.

Although his intentions are in the right place, blending the old to the new doesn’t work in his favor. For example, “Between The Sheetz” and “We Came To Party” sound like desperate remakes. However, when things start to look good (“Take It”), it’s back to random collaborations (“New Love”) and poor production (“Live For You”).

The ladies may still love Cool James, but when it comes to this album, what’s love got to do with it?—Big Homie

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  • James Haydel

    In terms of someone who actually tried to make a good sounding album and it turning bad…this is correct.

    • Avery

      I liked it

  • Balllin

    HATER’S GOT HATER GRAMMER ‘ If you authentic Hip-Hop was what you were looking for…’

    • sway-z

      Straight up, at least write regular sentences if ya’ll gon kill the nigga like that lol, non-writing ass “Big Homie”

      • Matt


  • yalllin

    My man Tay-Kwan like the chicks alot
    Even when he hustled he kept them in his spot
    He liked to fuck alot and make the rubber pop
    5 baby mothers
    1 live on my block

  • Hollywood the God

    i never listened to the CD so i cant speak on it…but that “ratchet” song was the worst

    • Avery

      I love ratchet
      Telling them like it is.
      Versatile cat

      • Hollywood the God

        i like it too but it sounds better coming from someone that is actually in that lifestyle..LL is in his late 40s…nobody wanna hear that from him

  • Hollywood the God

    hit us for that real hip hop, awareness, news, sports, comedy, poetry, all that


  • I will give you guys this, y’all have some balls putting LL as #1 worst album in ’13, i can’t say i disagree, but still I couldn’t put LL Cool J on blast like that, NOT LL!

  • Dashing28

    You notice that they didn’t mention Accidental Racist. Probably saving that tomorrow for the worst single.

  • Ea sports

    Rap radar are some cowards, all these terrible albums are all washed up people who aren’t too active. There are no discussion to this list, this list warranted no debate, albums like yeezus, excuse my French, self made 2, Marshall Mathews lp2 should of been on the list. Be real with yourself, what’s the point of having a list if you’re not looking for a debate

    • Jburg

      MMLP2 should be on this list…..LMAO Yeah ok!

      • OKKK

        MMLP2 Isnt bad, but i cant stand it.

        Ive been an Eminem fan since i was in 3rd grade. 1st album i ever bought was the Slim Shady Lp, the 2nd? MMLP

        So this felt like a long time coming.

        but no, he dyed the hair back. But Dre forgot to dig up Shady after Underground on Relapse.

        MMLP2, alone, is a reason they need a most overrated album list.

        • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

          You sound like a day 1 real Em fan not blinded by the light w/ these Rhianna & Pink features on his recent shit. Underground was crazy on Relapse. Relapse was solid as hell to me, I enjoyed it thoroughly because he took on the Slim Shady persona & the stupid journalist & so called fans panned him for it???

      • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

        MMLP2 is trash compared to the original, it cant even compare to Em albums like Encore or Relapse. Lyrically sound. Yes, but audibly just as terrible as Recovery which was also lyrically solid.

  • Da Business

    So Yeezus will be on the best lp list…smh.

  • Ray

    haha @ W.O.A.T

  • Music lover

    Rap radar I don’t understand how y’all are going to call Future, Migos, or French Montana hip hop or talented and hate on LL….. LL is 50 times better than them on his worst day

  • JD

    You spelled continuous as continues. I never listened to the album, so I can’t say. I bet it’s pretty bad though.

  • Matt

    never even heard the album But I put my Money on LL vs any rapper out now in a battle

  • mac

    ll stick to actiing. your rappin daze are over.

  • bam bam

    how you gonna say W.O.A.T? big homie you the worst fucking person to ever write a review… he has done more for this game than you will … was the album bad? FUCK YES .. is he the W.O.A.T.? NO

  • Coney

    Damn. Why Rap Radar so hard on the vets? All the Worst albums of the year came from vets in the game. I understand hip hop will always be a young mans game but yall always trashing vets and giving props to all this new weirdo rap. smh

  • Avery

    Authentic is what cd about authentic music.
    Did u listen?
    I love that cd.
    LL is a beast.
    Slick wordings.
    Versatile music.
    U need to be tapping yaself on ya dome.
    LL is the man.