’13 Worst Albums #2: will.i.am #willpower

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 9, 2014 @ 5:30 PM EDT


When the Black Eyed Peas frontman dropped his 4th LP, it took more than enough will power to listen. Will we dig the lyrics? No! Will the production live up to his standards? Nope! Will the auto-tune stop? Hell no!

Cohesiveness lacks throughout as will.i.am’s all over the place. For example, “Living Life To The Fullest” fails to  inspire and “Love Bullets” is a complete miss. From the cringing “Scream & Shout” to the disturbing “Geekin”, the only boundaries Will is pushing here is a hash tag of #willstop. Please do.—Big Homie

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  • James Haydel

    Scream and Shout did numbers though. BUT I agree with the overall album.

  • marty mcfly

    Why dont ya’ll just make a real list of the best material and rank them and put it in one post? You people are so politically afraid, smh. As far as this album goes? First you gotta ask yourself if you even like this kinda music and were you a fan of his before he even made this album? If the answer to those questions is no then of course you dont like this album and you probably dont even like this kinda music to begin with. Not saying the album but just saying.

    • marty mcfly

      ^^^Not saying the album was all that but…

  • But where’s FRENCH MONTANA, DJ KHALED, WALE AND THE BOY WIT THE FAKE WATCH… i forgot his name but he a cheap lil Wayne and I dont mean wale… he has dreads too. They all dropped weak ass albums that didnt do numbers or live up to the hype and will only be forgotten about…

    • Ace Hood!!!

    • Matt

      dude all those dudes u name are wack

    • mike h

      Damn lol

  • The wise

    Rap radar acts like a bunch of pussys when it comes to list they rather put pop acts that the have never promted on this site to trash then put french montanas album or ace hood or any other artist the dropped an trust there was a shitt load of them this was not a good year for music period! Cuff ur balls rap radar an speak whats reall an stop walkin with ur dick tucked between ur legs!

  • Matt

    this guy ranting must be will I am

  • mac

    i heard the this album once, and less than 15 minutes I delete it. The beats selection are wack, nothing orginal, every track is sampled and became worst. The subject are as though there were written by a compete moron. Jay-z said it ” the music y’all making is make it the great depression. well tis album was very depressing.

  • mo subz

    sooo…nobody gonna call him out for biting channel orange cover steez ?