’13 Worst Albums #3: Eve Lip Lock

Written By: @TheBigHomie January 9, 2014 @ 4:30 PM EDT

Zip It, Ma.

It took a minute, well, 11 years actually, for Eve to release her fourth album, Lip Lock. Unfortunately, her hiatus did more harm then good.

On her senior effort, The illest pittbull in a skirt, is a shell of her former self. Despite climbing out of adversity on the radio-friendly “Make It Out This Town”, she quickly finds herself in a musical rut (“She Bad Bad” and “Grind Or Die”).

The electro noise on “Keep Me From You” is unbearable, “Mama In The Kitchen” lacks anything appetizing and “All Night” turns into 3 minutes of displeasure. Now that we think about it, 11 years away wasn’t so bad after all.—Big Homie

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  • Dashing28

    So far this list feels like low hanging fruit, old rappers past their prime. Feels like very safe choices.

    • ODB

      EXACTLY, fuck this site. You guys don’t have the right to deem something the worse of the yr. Like my dad whom is a LL fan is gonna buy his album cmon write about some real shit! REVOLT is gonna wipe this site smooth out the water!! YN and BDot better write about some real shit this is a alleged HIP HOP blog site whatever you wanna call it! Winter is not looking good RR zip it up scrubs

  • Smh

    Where’s dj khaled and French Montana

    • T

      you clearly didn’t hear DJ Khaled’s album

  • Caesar


  • Where’s DJ Khalid and French Montana

  • Public Hairs

    There are many wack albums that came from the stable of artists RR is in bed with that they’ll never post. Honestly, the shock value RR employs is actually starting to lose its luster. These list simply look uneducated from a hip hop perspective.

  • mac

    Nicki minaj is one of the few female whose album I have listened to entirely. And Babs bunny from Da Band I feel was terrific rapper(unfortunately nothing came of her since the first album). For the most part 90% of female rappers are ussually wacked and too aggressively pretensious.

  • inf

    French album couldve made this list. All Khaled be garbage to me. Seems like he spends his entire budget on 2 songs & the rest of the album be mediocre.

  • mike h

    She made this for her new man