’13 Worst Albums #4: Snoop Lion Reincarnated

Written By: @BdotTM January 9, 2014 @ 3:34 PM EDT


Reinvention is key to any artist’s survival. And for over two decades, Snoop Dogg has learned how to keep his brand afloat. But last year, he flipped the script. Following a trip to Jamaica, he became a Rastafarian and recorded Reincarnated—a specious reggae album under the alias, Snoop Lion.

Be clear, Snoop’s no Bob Marley. Adopting a faux Jamaican accent, Reincarnated goes down like a salty batch of oxtails. It seems as if Snoop’s chief focus is to use his access to talk about getting high (“Lighters Up, “Smoke The Weed”, “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks”).

When he does promote Rastafarian ethos (“No Guns Allowed”), it comes across manufactured (“Here Comes The King” and “The Good Good”). Even Bunny Wailer could see through this Rasta imposta.

Grammy nominations, be damned.—B.Dot




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  • marty mcfly

    Ya’ll must be smoking another kinda substance cause Reincarnated was DOPE. Yeah Snoop made a whole album of another form of music but imo he pulled it off well and then some.

    • frfr


    • Sam Robilotta

      yeah it was different and not about killing and bling bling.

    • basedgenie

      why you on crack b.dot?!?!

  • CJ


  • Sun Zoo

    B.Dot is just salty at anyone over the age of 35 ever since Ebro made him his bitch. The opinions of these RapRadar cock smokers really don’t matter. Reincarnated was a dope album. Was it Bob Marley level of excellence? Of course not but it was a quality offering.

  • youallhavenointegrity

    You could not possibly have listened to this album. This proves you have nooo integrity. RapRadar is not a legitimate representative of the culture. You all are vultures and sellouts. Bdot is 30 and wears a durag. Cornballs.

  • Where’s DJ Khaled and French Montana though? They both released horrible albums

  • DJ

    this album is fire sorry dot but i gotta stand by snoop on this one

  • JPalto FromUtube

    I just don’t see Snoop serious about guns.

  • Matt

    LOL nigga said “Bumbalclot”

  • mac

    Snoop was making a mockery out of jamaican music. So fake and phony. One minute he’s preaching about peace as snoop lion. And then jump on a different single as snoop dogg to talk about gang band and bustin’ heat. what a joke.

  • broski

    nigga did u actually listen to this album are u fuckin retarded or summin….did u get raped in the ass as this album was playing in the background is that why u consider this one of the worst albums u fuckin reject…this album was surprisingly amazing wasnt even expected it to be as good as it is